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Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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Father God, as many missionaries enter a quieter period over the northern hemisphere’s summer, we pray that you would refresh and renew them. Please help CMS workers to use this time to prepare well for the next season of ministry, and bond with those around them, including their own families. Lord, please grant all your missionary servants true rest, that they may continue their service with the assurance of your goodness and grace. Amen. 

Thursday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for new CMS Co-Mission Partner, Jotham Booker, as he begins ministry in Munich. Pray that he would resettle well in Germany after several years in Australia and that he would be a blessing to those among whom he is serving. Pray with Sam and Sharmila for the Nepali government as they manage the COVID crisis. 

Friday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW and ACTPray that the campers and leaders who were unable to attend CMS Camp MMM will continue to grow in their faith and trust in Jesus despite the disappointment of not being able to meet together on camp. QNNSWGive thanks for R’s safe return to Australia. Pray for recently approved missionaries J and S as they start Home Assignment. Pray for the preparations for Mission Encounter being held in Tamworth on 6-7 August and a fruitful response to the program. SANT: Praise God for SANT’s brand-new missionaries, the recently approved Purdey family. Ask God for a Spirit-filled and productive initial Home Assignment for them. TAS: Thank God for the increased number of CMS TAS missionaries, and pray for Branch Council as they set the 2021/22 financial year budget. Give thanks for all the faithful prayer and financial supporters and ask that God would continue to meet all needs. VIC: Give thanks for the generous gifts from supporters and churches during the 2021 Lasting Hope Appeal. WAGive thanks for the approval of Jason and Hannah Fairclough as the newest CMS-WA missionaries, and ask for God’s richest blessing on them as they build their partnership support program. 

Saturday 31 – CMS Fellowship 

Give thanks with the CMS Fellowship for the life and ministry of Irene Mhogolo (Irene Geary, Thailand 1978-81) who died last month. Irene was married to Bishop Mdimi Mhogolo (died 2014) and led the ministry to women in the diocese of Central Tanzania for many years. Pray for comfort and peace for her children (Nyemo, Lisa and Wendo) and grandchildren as they grieve.  Give thanks for the life of Shirley Denton, who died this month, aged 90. Shirley and her husband, John, who died last year, served with CMS in Tanzania (then known as Tanganyika) from 1956 until 1964. Pray for comfort for for Shirley’s family.



Father God, we bring before you all of those in positions of Christian leadership—church leaders, leaders in organisations and governments, and those leading families. We pray for your blessing upon them as they seek to point people to you and to your word. Grant them wisdom as they make decisions, compassion as they consider the needs of those they lead, and faithfulness as they use their positions to advance your kingdom. In the name of Jesus, Amen. 

Sunday 1 – North Australia 

Pray for Tavis and Kate Beer and the Ministry Development Team, as they prepare for the Diocesan Pre-Synod conference for Aboriginal church leaders, to be held in September. Pray for Derek and Rosemary Snibson as they take part in Trauma Healing training, that it will help them relate more deeply to many people particularly in drug rehabilitation, hospital and prison. Pray for Ian and Jenny Wood that, amid a dense teaching schedule in term 3, they will teach well and be gracious in all their dealings with staff and students. Ask God with Chris and Karen Webb to raise up Aboriginal Christians who are willing to be equipped to teach the Bible to kids at the Broome Peoples Church Sunday school. Pray with Simon and Claire Koefoed for urban and remote education supporting literacy of Aboriginal children in community and on country. 

Monday 2 – North Australia, PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands 

Pray with Matt and Lisa Pearson that Christians in Gunbalanya won’t be swayed by false teaching and that they will cling to Jesus’ words of eternal hope despite suffering and ill-health. Join Matt and Kate Vinicombe to pray for new Bible translators to emerge and be trained, and pray that the translation workshop to be held on Groote in August can go ahead. Pray for Joshua and Stephanie Mackenzie to develop good relationships with Indigenous church leaders during leaders’ conference, and that their move and transition to Numbulwar will go well. Praise God with Zoe Creelman for the individuals and churches who partner with CMS, and for the ways God uses their partnership to encourage her. Give thanks with Keith and Marion Birchley for time with university students in July. Pray for the CMS conference in Tamworth on 6 and 7 August. Pray with Joel and Tiffanie Atwood for opportunities to plant new groups in other colleges and universities in Vanuatu. Pray that David Pettett can travel to the Solomon Islands for the beginning of second semester. 

Tuesday 3 – Argentina 

Pray with Peter and Terry Blowes that their Bible study and MOCLAM groups can be places of comfort and security for those recovering from the trauma of the pandemic. Pray with Martin and Julie Field for the new MOCLAM courses starting up, that many will want to grow in their knowledge of God’s word. Join Amy Stephens and pray for the students who have lost loved ones to COVID, pray for God’s comfort and peace during this time and for an end to the pandemic. 

Wednesday 4 – Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay 

Give thanks with Adrian and Anita Lovell for new MOCLAM classes starting online this month. Pray for Adrian as he prepares and teaches Doctrine 1. Give thanks with Nick and Kysha Davies for the students sitting exams this month and that their ministries will be impacted by what they have learned. Give thanks that Pedro and Joy Oliveira Woolmer have been granted a two-year temporary residency permit after a lengthy and complicated process. Pray that Joy’s increasing involvement in ministry at church would build up her sisters in Christ. 

Thursday 5 – Chile 

Pray with Michael and Jo Charles for the CEP students and staff as they begin second semester, with many staff changes and continuing quarantine. Pray with Frances Cook for Rodrigo Diaz who will manage the Certificate courses in her absence. Pray also for Cris Cerón and Luke Foster as they manage CEP. Pray that Gary and Julie Haddon’s deputation can continue unhindered by COVID restrictions. Give thanks for the great time they are having saying thank you to all their partners. Give thanks with Chris and Stef Overhall that they could return to Australia and ask for a restorative and productive Home Assignment. Pray with Malcolm and Ainsley Purdey for mutual encouragement, and that people will be excited about God’s mission as they visit churches around Adelaide. 

Friday 6 – North Africa, Uganda and DR Congo 

Pray with that God will raise up godly North African leaders for churches. Give thanks with Andrew and Margie Newman for the life of their mission partner Bishop Benon Magezi who died from COVID-19. Pray for sure hope and healing in Jesus for his wife, his five children and all in the North Kigezi Diocese as they mourn. Pray for David and Prue Boyd as they settle back into Congo that they will display Christ-like behaviour in all encounters. Pray also for the audiology team as they work with the equipment Prue has brought from Australia. Pray with David and Jenny Juniper that God would sustain and protect the Christmas Island Christian Fellowship as the Junipers return to Perth to prepare for deployment to the DR Congo. 

Saturday 7 – Kenya, Namibia and South Africa 

Pray with Martin and Katrina Feltham that God will continue to raise up faithful and godly leaders to shepherd his church in Kenya. Give thanks with Norm and Janelle Gorrie for the training of missioners, secondary school workers and the many new evangelists. Pray for the diocesan mission planned for the end of August. Ask God with Dan and Olivia Webster to provide for new NETS students and those that are struggling academically or financially. Give thanks with Nathan and Diane Lovell for the Bible translation workshop in Zambia and that Diane was able to provide translation consulting on Revelation for the Fwe language team. Give thanks that despite the pandemic, the translation project continues. Pray with Mike and Karen Roe for the community of GWC and their families who are directly impacted and suffering loss because of the pandemic. Give thanks that Kylie Zietsch is recovering well from COVID and pray for the many people who are being infected in South Africa. 

Sunday 8 – Tanzania 

Pray with Judith Calf for God’s blessing over the Evangelists Leadership Course held 2 August-17 September, for God to increase their Bible knowledge, godly character and ministry skills. Pray with Mike and Katie Taylor that God would raise up many new leaders to serve him and provide opportunities to train them. Join Kevin and Karen Flanagan in praying for the nine evangelists from the Diocese of Lake Rukwa, now studying at a Bible College in an adjacent diocese. Pray with Arthur and Tamie Davis that God would encourage and provide for TAFES National Director Mussa Kimaro and his wife Alice. 

Monday 9 – Development and Training 

Give thanks for the missionaries-in-training as they undertake studies and training for long-term missionary work. Pray for the staff at St Andrew’s Hall as they teach and mentor the new MiTs, that they might model godly trust and wisdom. Praise God for the work of Mentac in preparing trainees to share the gospel across cultures. Pray for courage and cultural sensitivity as the trainees look for opportunities to share the love of Jesus with men and women from Muslim and Buddhist backgrounds. 

Tuesday 10 – Singapore, Timor-Leste and Philippines 

Give thanks with Martin and Jenny Foord that God has provided a new place for them to live, closer to the college. Pray that the students would settle well into the new academic year and adjust to all the changes at the college. Praise God with Ian and Narelle Hadfield for the four people who are to be baptised this month and pray for their ongoing walk with the Lord. Give thanks with Chris and Grace Adams for the chance for Chris to delve deeply into the gospel with 17 young confirmation candidates. Pray for their faith in Christ to grow stronger and that the Bible-focused confirmation course developed through this class will be used widely. Pray with Christopher and Julie Dean for their sons and elderly parents as they anticipate the Deans departure for Timor-Leste, hopefully at the end of August. Give thanks with Howard and Michelle Newby for those who heard the gospel as children from the Newbys many years ago. Those children, now adults have contacted them asking to meet and study the Bible. 

Wednesday 11 – Cambodia  

Pray with Dave and Leoni Painter for the PPBS graduates as they commence serving in their new positions in churches around Cambodia. Pray with Craig and Samantha McCorkindale that schools will reopen for the new school year so that their kids will be able to return to face-to-face learning. Pray for Wim and Maaike Prins as they begin final Home Assignment and reconnect with churches and supporters. Pray with Matthew and Melissa Lindfield Seager that, as the new academic year starts, students can be on campus and, if not, that staff and students will have newfound enthusiasm for online learning. 

Thursday 12 – Cambodia  

Pray with Tim and Olivia Mulherin for Mercy Medical Centre’s accreditation renewal to come through in time or early, permitting them to be granted a visa soon. Ask God with Maggie Crewes for the right people to fill important positions. Pray for skilled and compassionate staff who know Jesus. Give thanks with Maurice and Amanda Jacobson for the easing of COVID restrictions in their city, and positive experiences in language learning. Pray for Andrew and Liz Glover and their church as it has been over a year since they’ve been able to meet in person. Pray for perseverance as they wait for churches to be able to meet in person again, and wisdom to know how to keep people engaged and connected in the meantime. 

Friday 13 – South East Asia 

Ask God with for sufficient students to enrol in the summer term and the regular 16-week term running from August, that relationships with the students can be further built and that the language centre will remain viable. Pray with for the development of good relationships between new and old teammates at the language centre, that staff may serve students and the community well and honour God. Pray with Malcolm and Leanne for the English intensive happening before college starts its new academic year. Pray that both the teachers and the students would have stamina and good humour in the heat. Join in asking for students and teachers to have an encouraging time learning English during a two-week intensive this month. Pray for all at the college as a new academic year begins, for joy in service and delight in hearing from God through his word each day. 

Saturday 14 – South East Asia 

Pray that will use unexpected extra time on leave and Home Assignment well. Pray also for team members returning to location after a year away due to COVID and that their opportunities to share good news would increase despite life under semi-lockdown. Give thanks with Jerome and Indra for the many opportunities in their location country to reach students, workers and refugees from countries that are closed to the gospel. Pray that these opportunities will grow as the pandemic subsides. Give thanks with that God’s word is not chained, nor his power restrained, even during lockdowns. Pray for encouraging interactions, whatever the latest COVID situation might be. 

Sunday 15 – South East Asia 

Give thanks with Andrew Lake for the willing volunteers who help produce weekly online church services at All Saints while Jakarta remains unsafe for gatherings. Pray for Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru in their preparations for departure and ask God for them to have good farewells. Pray with Jon and Deborah for new students arriving at the Bible college this month. Pray they remain healthy as they quarantine and that the first-year student retreat that Jon usually helps to run can go ahead in some shape or form. Pray for Josh and Nici that they would be reassured by God’s unfailing and ever-present love through all the uncertainties and changes of life. 

Monday 16 – South East Asia 

Pray with Rowan that the government in his location will have great wisdom and compassion as it responds to and manages the latest surge in COVID infections. Give thanks with Julie for the chance to spend dedicated time in ministry at Eastwood Anglican while she waits, and ask for God to continue showing her the gospel work he’s prepared for this time. Pray with Tim and Emma for the new semester and school year about to start. Pray for safety and fruit as Emma travels to train believers. Pray with Nick and Rebekah for many in South East Asia to come to faith and repentance before it’s too late. 

Tuesday 17 – Spain and Malta  

Pray that Jim and Tanja French with Evie and Silas will have a restful summer break without too many restrictions. Give thanks with Miriam Bradshaw for some time to rest and reset this August and enjoy the way God has created Spain. Pray with Mike and Tania Snowdon for all the GBU staff workers that they would be refreshed during some time off in August. Give thanks with Chris and Kristy Galea for obtaining places in the local schools for their kids. Pray for opportunities to deepen relationships with local Maltese friends, and share the good news of salvation by grace alone. 

Wednesday 18 – Eurasia, Netherlands, Ireland and Austria  

Pray for during Home Assignment, that God would continue to guide and strengthen her as she connects with churches and supporters. Praise God with David and Cathie Sandifer for continued good health and new opportunities to serve; pray for summer preparation for new classes and responsibilities for the next academic year. Pray for good farewells for Erin Topley (nee Moorcroft) during her final Home Assignment, giving thanks for many years of prayerful support. Pray with Rachel Gibbs for the new ÖSM mentoring network project, that both ÖSM graduates and students would catch the vision to be involved in discipleship and grow in faith and love for Jesus. 

Thursday 19 – Germany, Italy and Belgium 

Give thanks to God with Mimy Gardner for providing all the right people to help her as she packed up her apartment in Leipzig. Pray with Klaus and Jude Hickel that what was taught at the recent youth camp would grow in the lives of the teens and produce fruit. Pray with Simon and Jessica Cowell for God’s help as Simon prepares talks on Revelation 1-3 for GBU student leaders’ conference in September. Pray for Gillian Law’s church in Rome as her previous pastor has now retired and left Rome. Thank God for their new elder and the other four in the leadership team and pray that they will continue loving God, each other and their neighbours. Pray for Jason and Hannah Fairclough to have good communication with extended family as they begin their initial home assignment. Give thanks with Howard and Trisha Spencer for the encouraging time on deputation, and for patience as they settle into life in Brussels with intensive language learning. 

Friday 20 – France 

Pray for Kelly Landrigan to have good rest during holidays, and that La Rentrée in September will be a new start with things returning to being more ’normal’ for church and in general in her community. Pray for Colin and Catherine Puffett and the core group of the church plant during their weekend away. Pray for this key time, that they will be spiritually resourced before the official commissioning and ‘sending’ on 29 August. Pray with Daniel and Kate Morris for the GBU national conference at the end of August. Pray for the students from across France who will spend seven days being trained, praying, reading the Bible together and building friendships. Pray also for Daniel who is giving six talks on Hebrews. Pray for Josh and Susannah Apieczonek to have a mutually encouraging first deputation outing, with many more to come. Give thanks with Karina Brabham for the gift of ‘one another’, and the encouragement of partnership in the gospel as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Saturday 21 – CMS Australia 

Pray for the year-end audit for the finance team starting in August. After a challenging and busy year, pray for God’s wisdom and strength for the whole team to persevere and complete this well.  

Sunday 22 – Middle East 

Pray for as she begins meeting with new colleagues involved in her research project among the desert-dwelling Bedouin. Pray with that God would give her peace in whatever timing she is able to return to Australia, and for a good reunion with people when she does return. Pray for to have a smooth arrival and transition as she settles into Australia for Home Assignment. Praise God with for his strength in her weakness as she completed her first term overseas. Pray for rest and energy to prepare for Home Assignment visits. Give thanks with S and P for the baptism of a new believer with whom S has been sharing the gospel. Pray for his continued growth and strength in Jesus. Give thanks with Dan and Marg for the partnerships in the gospel with link churches, and for the whole family as they prepare for departure next month. 

Monday 23 – Middle East 

Give thanks with Elizabeth for good rest over the break. Pray that the start of the school year would go well for youth ministry, tween ministry and young adult ministry. Pray for John and Deborah to have a safe return without delays or lockdowns, and that they resettle well back into good ministry routines. Give thanks with Karen or the new contacts for Coffee Time and Mums and Kids. Give thanks for a good break in July, and ask for a good restart in August. Give thanks with Morgan and Olivia for a refreshing family holiday. Pray that as many people return from holidays, COVID would be kept in check so that school, church and normal life can restart in September. Pray that Warwick and Caroline can return to Australia at the end of August for the wedding of their son Tom to Morgan. Pray with Malcolm and Charissa Forrest that Sasha will settle quickly into life in Australia. 

Tuesday 24 – South Asia and Central Asia 

Pray with Bruce and Libby for wisdom and understanding for Libby at the start of the new academic year and for Bruce in a new ministry role. Give thanks with Gordon and Ruth that both the new Palliative Care ward and their church’s Aged Care Centre have opened for patients/residents. Pray with Sophia for Christian NGOs responding to those suffering and in need from the effects of COVID and floods, that they would have the resources to respond in practical ways and be a wonderful help, encouragement, and reminder of God’s concern for his people. Pray with J and S for the Lord of the harvest to raise up more gospel workers for Central Asia. 

Wednesday 25 –South Asia 

Pray with Derk and Susan for a fruitful time of Home Assignment and for a timely renewal of their visas. Pray for to have perseverance and joy in learning local language and culture. Pray with that as the monsoon rains drench her country, that the Spirit will also be poured out and bring life. Ask God to bless K’s local partner organisation as they welcome a new country director. Pray for wisdom for the leadership team in this time of transition. Pray for M and K to have deeper and closer relationships with those around them. 

Thursday 26 – East Asia 

Pray with D and T for ongoing peace and trust in God and his plan. Give thanks with for a renewed work permit and ask God to provide loving families for the children at the orphanage. Pray for to experience quiet faithfulness in whatever role and location she is in today. Join with L and J to pray for God’s gentle love for their family as they reconnect with Melbourne friends and re-enter Australian society. Pray with for the summer camps held this month, for fruitful time spent in God’s word. 

Friday 27 – Japan 

Join with Nathan and Maki Clapham to pray for evangelism, teaching and fellowship as students gather for summer camps. Praise God with Matt and Jen Lim for a safe flight back to Australia, and pray for the Lims as they begin deputation this month. Praise God for the opportunities Steven and Sandra Parsons have to assist and empower people in their gifting and passion so they are better equipped to do what the Lord has called them to do. Pray with Chenny Thie for the KGK Kanto online Summer Camp and the hybrid Challenge Conference (31 August-3 September). Pray with Roger and Noriko Dethlefs for an enquirer who recently joined a weekly Bible study group. Give thanks for continued sharing with students who are considering full-time ministry. Pray for Adam and Helane Ramsay as they coordinate the kids’ program for summer conference, and for a refreshing summer break. 

Saturday 28 – Japan and Taiwan 

Pray with Dene and Rachel Hughes that Karuizawa Union Church conference can be held in person this year. Pray that God will use whatever happens to refresh his servants here in Japan. Pray for Kellie Nicholas as she (God willing) flies out of Japan today, that everything will go smoothly and that the two weeks in quarantine will be refreshing and productive. Give thanks with Dave and Beck McIntyre for the chance to take a break and hear Christian talks in English at a retreat. Pray for a good return for the kids at school after the summer. Pray for Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp that, whether their family holiday can go ahead or not, they can have rest and refreshment, either at home or away. 

Sunday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for Mission Support Fund scholarship students in Tanzania as many have had to return to online learning due to COVID-19 infection rates and border closures. Pray for energy, wisdom and diligence as they seek to learn in difficult circumstances.  

Monday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW & ACT: Pray that Camp Milimani can go ahead next month. Pray that God would be at work in the hearts of the campers, leaders and missionaries in preparation. QNNSW: Give thanks for the recent Mission Encounter event and for the encouragement and faithfulness of supporters in regional areas across NNSW and Qld. Pray for M as she begins Home Assignment, for refreshment and good connections with churches and supporters amid the ever-changing COVID situation. SANT: Ask the Lord of the harvest to raise up more workers from South Australia and Northern Territory. Give thanks for Wim and Maaike Prins who have started their final Home Assignment. TAS: Give thanks for the strong financial position of the branch, the growing number of link churches and supporters, for good governance exercised by the CMS TAS Branch Council [Board], and for the five missionaries serving in Cambodia, Indonesia and South Asia. VIC: For CMS Victoria’s Month of Prayer event, that many would sign up and pray, for more workers to be inspired to ‘go’, and for blessing on our society. WA: Pray for God’s miraculous provision this financial year as the WA branch seeks to raise an additional 30% more funds. 

Tuesday 31 – CMS Fellowship 

Pray for the missionaries who have retired from CMS recently, for Wayne Oldfield and Mandy JonesN and R, Leigh and Tamara and Robin and Sarah Kinstead. Pray for God’s leading, wisdom and strength as they begin new work and ministries. Pray for comfort and peace as they adapt to new circumstances and relationships.