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Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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Father God, as many CMS missionaries use this month to pray and consider what their ministries will look like next year, we pray that you would grant them wisdom and trust in your plans and timing. We pray, at this time of uncertainty and upheaval, that you would bring peace, and confidence in your sovereignty. Please make clear to them what you would have them do for the furthering of your kingdom, and help them keep their eyes firmly fixed on you as they think about options and make decisions. Use your servants to bring glory to your Son. In his name we pray. Amen.  

Monday 19 – Cambodia & South East Asia 

Praise God, with Maggie Crewes, that three more girls can start their vocational training in September. Praise God that there are now 10 rescued older girls who are stabilised and able to start trainingGive thanks with Wim & Maaike Prins for a safe and COVID-free return to Cambodia and pray that HOPE School will be able to reopen face-to-face as soon as possiblePray, with Craig & Samantha McCorkindale, that many Cambodians will come to hear the good news of Jesus in their own language through the work of PPBS. Praise God with Bethany Vaughan for answers to prayer and ask that she would keep praying for people in Cambodia. Pray with Dave & Leoni Painter for the new graduates of PPBS, that they will find good positions and opportunities in which to serve. Please pray with Tim & Olivia Mulherin as they continue to build up their prayer and financial support networks. Pray for Andrew & Liz Glover for wisdom and insight in relating to people from different cultural backgrounds. Pray, with Ned, for wisdom and help from God in day-to-day activities, and that she would grow in an attitude of thankfulness to him. Give thanks with Maurice Amanda Jacobson for the opportunity to begin meeting with link churches this month. 

Tuesday 20 – Indonesia 

Pray with Andrew Buchanan & Abi Tandiseru for the final days of Abi’s pregnancy and for a healthy baby. Praise God, with N & R, giving thanks for his steadfast love that endures forever. Pray, with J & D, for good relationships to be built as D and a friend run an English kids club in a nearby neighbourhood. Pray, with R, that God would strengthen and encourage those who are mourning the loss of loved ones and friends who have died from the coronavirus, especially as they navigate regulations and restrictions around funerals. Pray, with T & E, that despite the challenges of teaching online, they would be able to foster meaningful, discipling relationships. Praise God with Alan & Helen Wood for completion of their time at All Saints Jakarta. Pray with Robin & Sarah Kinstead for their children as Robin and Sarah encourage them to review and reflect on their experiences during transition and delay in deployment. 

Wednesday 21 – South East Asia 

Pray, with J & I, that more local people would be raised up for gospel work in their country. Pray with I for wisdom in knowing how to interact safely with old and new friends during COVID restrictions. Pray for her local language helper who has been asking questions about the Bible. Pray with Martin & Jenny Foord for patience as they continue with restrictions and online teaching. Pray also for good relationships in the college community, and good learning even in the online format. Thank God with Ian & Narelle Hadfield for the low death toll to COVID-19 in Singapore but pray that the nation will recognise Christ’s good hand in this. Pray with Chris & Grace Adams for the securing of longterm visa. Pray also for the training of leaders for Dili church young adults group. Pray with Christopher & Julie Dean that language learning via Zoom will continue to go well as they prepare to serve in TimorLeste. Pray with Howard & Michelle Newby, that they will lean more and more on the Lord and not on their own understanding, trusting him to make their paths straight. 

Thursday 22 – Ethiopia, Kenya & North Africa 

Ask God, with M, for growth in her ability to tell stories from the Bible and that this month she will have many opportunities to share. Pray with Shane & Naomi Rubie that opportunities will open up for deputation in Qld and NSW so they can thank their churches for their support. Pray with Norm & Janelle Gorrie for Norm as he works remotely seeking to encourage the Department of Mission Team. Praise God for the progress Janelle and her Marsabit team are making in translating parts of the Childrens Big Picture Bible into BoranPray with Marty & Katrina Feltham that God would especially protect the sick, the elderly and the poor in Kenya, and that Christians will shine brightly during this difficult time. 

Friday 23 – DR Congo & Uganda 

Pray with David & Prue Boyd for Amani, the audiology student now returned from Uganda, as he starts work at Bukavu hospital, for wisdom as he leads and trains others. Pray also for Bishop Bahati as he leads the diocese in this difficult time. Praise God with Graham & Wendy Toulmin for the very good results for all their graduating students. Give thanks with David & Jennifer Juniper that the delay in their departure has nonetheless served to advance the gospel. Pray with Andrew & Margaret Newman that GodSpirit will work in Ugandans to have depth of faith which transforms lives and society. 

Saturday 24 – Tanzania 

Praise God with Judith Calf for hearing the prayers of his children, and answering in his good timing and purposes. Ask God with Mike & Katie Taylor for their work and residence permits to be issued quickly and without restrictions. Pray with Arthur & Tamie Davis for the TAFES staff team as it re-forms at the beginning of a new ministry year. With Glen and Dominique Turner, please pray that there would be peace and stability as the national election is held this month, and that those who are in leadership would honour God in their roles. Give thanks with Kevin & Karen Flanagan for recent teaching safaris in various regions of the diocese.  Pray also for the Holy Spirit’s deep work in those attending the current evangelist training course. 

Sunday 25 – Namibia & South Africa 

Pray with Daniel & Olivia Webster that Christians in Namibia would grow into Gods word and be empowered by his spirit to bear the fruit of good works to Gods glory. Thank God with Kylie Zietsch for an encouraging visit to St Johns Sutherland and Yagoona/Condell Park.  Pray for Thuli, on the leadership team at JBC, that God would use her to make change for his gloryJoin Mike & Karen Roe to pray for the GWC students as they face the uncertainty of the future, and pray for the provision of paid ministries for them. Pray with Nathan & Diane Lovell for GWC students in their last week of Term 4 before exams begin, that God would grant them perseverance and clear minds. 

Monday 26 – Chile 

Join with Michael and Jo Charles in thanking God for continued opportunities to serve the wider church through seminars and workshops. Pray for wisdom as Michael helps think through the possibility of CEP offering external studies. Pray with Gary & Julie Haddon for the Chilean people as they vote in a plebiscite this month about the Chilean constitution, that people will be wise as they vote, and that there will be peace whatever the result may be. Pray, with Frances Cook, for a national commitment to raising up well-trained Chileans with a pastoral heart to teach at CEP. Pray with Chris & Stef Overhall that non-believers in their Bible study will turn to Christ, and that believers will grow in faith, hope, and love. 

Tuesday 27 – Mexico, Bolivia, Peru & Uruguay 

Give thanks, with Nick & Kysha Davies, for the many students across the globe who are studying MOCLAM and digging deeper into Gods word. Praise God with Adrian & Anita Lovell for the growth in the MOCLAM team over recent years. Pray that their annual get-together (online this year) would bear fruit in forming the team and planning together for the futureGive thanks with Pedro & Joy Oliveira Woolmer for increased opportunities to meet with people facetoface, and pray for students to continue growing spiritually as a result of the National CBU conference earlier this month. Pray with Peter & Sarah Sholl for churches in Mexico as they continue to struggle with the effects of COVID. Pray that pastors would care for and lead their flocks well. 

Wednesday 28 – Argentina 

Pray, with Martin & Julie Field, for political and economic stability for Argentina and the region, that will allow the gospel to flourish. Thank God, with Peter & Terry Blowes, for ongoing opportunities to teach the Bible and pray for energy for all to share the gospel of Christ amongst the students of Buenos Aires. Pray, with Amy Stephens, for the leadership of ABUA, that God would fill them with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the spirit gives. 

Thursday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for the Co-Mission Partners whom CMS supports through the Mission Support Fund. Pray for protection for them, their families, and their communities. Pray that they and the ministries and churches they support will be reaching out with generosity and peace to their neighbours. Pray that they would be ready and full of the right words to witness to others in a time of uncertainty. Pray they would be always pointing others to Jesus. 

Friday 30 – CMS Branches 

Give thanks with NSW & ACT for CMS Coastal Mission Day, which ran as an online event earlier this month. Pray that those who attended were encouraged and inspired as they heard how our CMS workers are enduring faithfully in mission. Give thanks with QNNSW for J & S, recently approved as missionaries-in-training for St Andrew’s Hall in 2021.  Ask God with SANT to raise up workers for his harvest from South Australia and Northern Territory so that they can send them out into a world that needs to know Jesus. Please guide their missionaries as they navigate issues of coming and going during COVID. Pray with TAS for the upcoming November AGM; that reports, and the 2020/21 Budget will be well received, and sufficient members will offer to serve on Branch Council to fill anticipated vacancies.  Give thanks for James Oakley’s time as Branch Council Chair and pray that God would raise up a new Chair to oversee Branch vision, strategy and finances, and the State Director’s performance. Pray with VIC for their AGM at the end of November, that it will be an encouraging meetingand that the Lord will bless the decisions made. Give thanks, with WAfor the safe arrival of B, after some difficulty in getting a flight home. Pray that people within and beyond the CMS-WA membership make use of the opportunity to come to the CMS-WA AGM and be encouraged by present and new missionaries. 

Saturday 31 – Former Missionaries Fellowship 

With the Former Missionaries’ Fellowship, praise God for the life and ministry of John Denton, AM, OBE (Tanganyika 1954-64), who died in August, aged 91. Pray for his widow, Shirley as she grieves the loss of her husband of nearly 64 years, and their four children, Heather, Louise, Andrew and James. Pray also for the former missionaries in aged care facilities in Melbourne, for health and protection.  



Father God, as CMS branches prepare for their summer conferences, we pray for your blessing on the organisers.  We thank you for the great gift of Christian brothers and sisters, and we pray that the summer conferences will be great times of encouragement. We pray also that you might use these conferences to challenge believers to consider serving in mission. We pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen. 

Sunday 1 – Japan 

Ask God, with Nathan & Maki Claphamfor Japanese students to be bold in sharing the gospel. Pray with Steven Sandra Parsons as Steven and the office team implement a new accounting system this month to service missionaries within Japan and around the world. Join with Matt & Jen Lim in praying for wisdom and guidance for the Eifuku Minami Christ Church as they seek to employ an assistant pastor to begin in April 2021. Pray with Chenny Thie for safety, a smooth process in returning to Japan, and readjustment to everyday living. Give thanks, with Roger & Noriko Dethlefs, for the opportunity to speak about world mission to a group of KGK students and pray that this might translate into greater involvement in witnessing cross culturally. Pray with Adam & Helane Ramsay as they persevere through this busy part of the year, and that they would be able to see fruit from their ministry. 

Monday 2 – Japan & Taiwan 

Pray with Dene & Rachel Hughes for endurance as activities continue to be curtailed, cancelled and/or moved online. Praise God for opportunities last month to share in person from Gods word. Pray with Dave & Beck McIntyre that Beck would deepen her relationships with teachers at the school as she teaches English. Praise God that Brad & Michelle Jackson have found a place to live and a school for the boys.  Pray that God will provide work for their next season of life. will stay focused on God in the midst of transitioning and resettling in Australia. Give thanks with Kellie Nicholas for a good start to second semester, and pray that KGK students won’t give up meeting together despite the challenges. Praise God with Sam & Shan-Shan Chrisp that Shan-Shan has finished her Mandarin study and is starting to study Taiwanese.  

Tuesday 3 – East Asia 

Pray with E for the parents and children who come to the new cerebral palsy centre. Pray with L & J as they train ministry apprentices in their international church who are eager to learn and grow. Pray for wisdom and patience for in her work. Pray with D & T for favourable response from the local authorities to enquiries about applying for a work permitso that they can return in late January. Give thanks with S & K that an entire mountain village, after observing the power of the good news to change lives, has expressed desire to trust Jesus.  

Wednesday 4 – Eurasia, Netherlands, Ireland & Austria  

Ask God with R, for opportunities to have good conversations about Jesus, especially with her friend who is a stay at home mum. Give thanks with David & Cathie Sandifer for a great start to ministry to the students at Tyndale, and for the many ways that God has provided as they settle into their home in AmsterdamGive thanks with Erin Topley (nee Moorcroft) for the students who are studying the certificate of childrens ministry this (European) academic year. Pray with Rachel Gibbs for the Upper Austrian weekend away (6-8 November) that many new students would come and be encouraged to live for Christ 

Thursday 5 – Spain & Malta 

Pray with Miriam Bradshaw for Spain that, as people are tired, they will seek true rest in Christ. Give thanks with Mike & Tania Snowdon for sustaining GBU and GBE staff workers and ministry through a turbulent season. Thank God with Jim & Tanja French for a good return to school for their children, for Jim’s language learning, and for the keen students studying MOCLAM this term. Pray with G & R for the process of saying goodbye and transitioning. Pray that the family would grieve well and celebrate all God has done through them in Malta. Pray with Chris Kristy Galea for sustained energy and enthusiasm as they complete their first Home Assignment. 

Friday 6 – Germany & Italy 

Thank God with Mimy Gardner for the strong and deep friendships she has made in Leipzig. Pray with Klaus & Jude Hickel that this month’s evangelistic events can take place, and for God’s Spirit to be at work in the hearts of those who attend. Ask God, with Gillian Law, that the start of year enthusiasm of students to participate in GBU meetings, invite friends and share their faith would continue as the semester goes on. Pray for enthusiasm for Simon & Jessica Cowell and the GBU students of Bari and Foggia, as they meet to read the Bible this month and invite friends to join them over the course of the academic year. Pray with Naomi Brunacci as she visits local churches, online and in small groups, to be able to share how God is at work in Italy. 

Saturday 7 – France 

Pray with Colin & Catherine Puffett for the small groups that started last month, that they would form deep relationships around Gods word and share life together. Pray with Kelly Landrigan that her church will be motivated to reach out to friends and neighbours in the upcoming Christmas season. Pray with Daniel & Kate Morris for safe travels as they return for Home Assignment. Join with Josh & Susannah Apieczonek to pray for the Forum Veritas debate on suffering (in person or online) in mid-November and for students to invite their friends. 

Sunday 8 – Development & Training 

Pray with J for time and opportunities to catch up with family and friends in Melbourne before heading home to Sydney. Thank God with J & N that their children are able to go back to daycare and school soon. Pray with K for the second half of her time at SAH and that everything she has learnt will continue to sink in and transform her heart. Pray that can finish the SAH course well, making the most of every opportunity to prepare for the field. Give thanks with Mentac for a key training gathering at the end of October for the team of which the trainees are a part. Ask that God use this training in disciple-making for equipping the trainees and the team to make disciples of Christ

Monday 9 – Nepal & Pakistan 

Praise God with D & E that the start of new school term is going well, and that teachers and students appear to be content with online learningPray with for protection for students and staff at KISC as the number of COVID cases risePray with D & S that their relationships may deepen in love and consideration, despite mostly online contact.  

Tuesday 10 – Nepal 

Give thanks with G & R for the provision of a wonderful, custom-designed palliative care building (to be opened soon) and pray that they are able to travel home as planned. Pray with S as she prepares to leave for Home Assignment, and for smooth travelincluding a negative PCR test. Praise God with B & L for the many Nepali churches which have started weekly Zoom services, allowing for more reconnection. Pray for those who aren’t able to access online services and be part of corporate worship. Pray with L & T for continued protection from COVID-19 as cases continue to rise, and lockdown and travel restrictions have a devastating impact on the economy and livelihoods. Pray with K (& B) for Nepal and the ongoing impact COVID is having on the people as case numbers continue to rise. 

Wednesday 11 – South Asia 

Pray for a smooth transition for A as she settles into new routine of learning language and doing life in South Asia. Pray with K for believing South Asian couple, S and M, to be encouraged in their faith as they navigate unjust and difficult situations in their respective work environments. Pray that would develop deeper relationships with her teachers. Praise God, with M & K for the arrival of cooler weather, and ask for opportunities to visit neighbours villages to deepen relationships and for ongoing language practices. 

Thursday 12 – UAE & Jordan 

Pray with Malcolm & Charissa for patience and energy as they deal with the uncertainty of life at the moment. Thank God with M & O for the cooler weather and ask that they, and other church members would make opportunities to meet outside, in socially distanced ways. Pray with D that fellowship members continue to grow in Christ despite being online for over six months, and that the members would continue inviting friends to online services. Give thanks with W & C for the opportunity to travel to Egypt in early November to establish a partnership with the Evangelical Church in Cairo for training and developing leaders for the future. Pray with E that youth will continue to engage with God’s word, even though they are ‘zoomed out’, and that older women would disciple younger women. Give thanks with K for a new lady who has joined online Coffee Time, even with a 2-year-old at home, and for two returnees keen to meet online, despite time differences.  

Friday 13 – Middle East 

Pray with J for new believers to learn important lessons of forgiveness and reconciliation, to move past conflict into unity. Praise God with S & P for his amazing work in reaching the unreached in even the hardest of places. Praise God with L for meeting some Muslim women while in Young, NSW, and pray for more opportunities to share Christ. 

Saturday 14 – Middle East 

Pray with that she would use her time in quarantine (possibly all of November) effectively, and for kingdom purposes. Praise God with M for quick healing of her elbow fracture and please continue to pray for a complete return to normal movement. Ask God, with Cfor ways to rest well during COVID times and for his grace and kindness over a November holiday. Pray with S & C for wisdom for the leadership of the college as there have been many staff transitions. 

Sunday 15 – North Australia 

Pray with Tavis & Kate Beer that the Holy Spirit will provide special encouragement to the Christians at Minyerri to keep meeting and reading the Bible, and that the church would be a source of hope and love within the community. Praise God with Ian & Jenny Wood for safety from COVID and freedom to travel within the Northern Territory, enabling students to continue coming to Nungalinya College. Thank God with Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones that Nungalinya staff can visit students in their home communities. Pray that in this unusual year they will have wisdom about which communities to visit. Ask God with Derek & Rosemary Snibson for new affordable housing to become available in the area where they minister as their current accommodation is for sale. Ask God with Chris & Karen Webb to establish the faith of young Aboriginal Christians and increase their desire to use their lives to serve God and his people. 

Monday 16 – North Australia, PNG, Vanuatu & Solomon Islands 

Thank God with Matt & Lisa Pearson for the men coming together to hear the Bible and sing. Pray for the Pearson children to grow in their love for Jesus. Pray that Matt & Kate Vinicombe would have patience and perseverance as they seek relationship growth, and for love to be their motivation in seeking deeper relationships. Pray with Joel & Tiffanie Atwood for an opportunity to return to Vanuatu this month, and praise God for the remaining leaders in Vila starting small groups. Pray with Keith & Marion Birchley for the university students as they complete the year with exams and head to their villages all over the country. Pray that God would help them remember the teaching they have heard. Praise God with David Pettett that the Solomon Islands is free of COVID and ask for God’s continued protection. 

Tuesday 17 – CMS Australia 

Thank God for the faithful and loving service of the CMS-A board, and for their wise counsel and understandingPraise God the work of Howard Spence as chair, and pray for Howard and Tricia as they prepare to attend SAH to serve in Belgium from 2021. Pray for James Oakley, the new Board chair, that he may be filled with God’s grace and wisdom. 

Wednesday 18 – South East Asia 

Praise God with J that he has called sufficient teachers to serve at the regional language centre. Thank God with N for a good number of students in her online English class. Pray with K that God would raise up many people who are willing and able to give financially, and pray that Kristy may be resourced and sustained in her work in South East Asia. Ask God, with N & Rfor people to be connected, encouraged, and faithful in the word, especially after seven months of online church. Pray with M & L for the college as it tries to plan for next year with most full-time teachers out of the country and many unable to return. Pray for an open door for their return. 

Thursday 19 – Cambodia & South East Asia 

Give thanks with Maggie Crewes for the 10 new girls who have come to the Lighthouse recently after being rescued from dreadful situations. Give thanks that God has brought two committed Christians to their little team of believers. Give thanks with Wim & Maaike Prins that church can meet in person again, and pray for grace as Maaike and the children are dealing with severe restrictions at HOPE school. Pray with Craig & Samantha McCorkindale for Phnom Penh Bible School, as it starts another academic year this monththat the students’ hearts will be ready to learn from God’s word. Pray with Bethany Vaughan for her final Home Assignment. Pray with Dave & Leoni Painter as the new academic year commences, for preparations for teaching at PPBS and also for the two PTC subjects being taught after hours. Give thanks with Tim & Olivia Mulherin, during their initial Home Assignment, for slight easing of restrictions and the opportunity to see some friends and family, albeit in a limited way. Pray with Andrew & Liz Glover that God would continue to teach them and give them wisdom in directing people’s faith. Pray with for the women of Buddhist South East Asia, that they might grow in love and obedience in Christ, and that they would abide in the true vine every day. Give thanks with Maurice Amanda Jacobson for the start of deputation and for the many who have already signed up to partner with them.  

Friday 20 – Indonesia 

Give thanks with Andrew Buchanan & Abi Tandiseru for their son Timothy, and pray for them as they adjust to their new situation. Pray with N & R for God’s mercy on Indonesia’s overwhelmed hospital system. Pray with J & D for the first year students at Bible college as they work through studies on discipleship this semester in their small groups. Pray with R for wisdom, strength and protection for pastors and church leaders as they care for members of their congregations, many of whom have lost their jobs and have limited resources to fall back on.  Ask God, with T & E, that the online holistic community development training they are running for Masters degree students will further equip the students for kingdom work. Praise God with Alan & Helen Wood for a restful time during long service leave and moving into their home. Pray with Robin & Sarah Kinstead for patience as they plan the path ahead and the Lord directs their steps. 

Saturday 21 – South East Asia 

Pray that J & I’s children will develop good relationships at school and church that will help them grow spiritually. Pray also that the end of year international student event would help many students hear and receive the good news. Praise God with I for creative teaching ideas for online classes, and pray for students to talk about life with, either in or out of classesPray that Martin & Jenny Foord would gain a deeper understanding of Singaporean culture and become more effective servants of the gospel of grace in their context. Praise God with Ian & Narelle Hadfield for the ability to hold an additional service at church, and pray that people will take up the opportunity to attend. Pray with Chris & Grace Adams for Chris as he teaches a unit on Christian leadership at the Dili Bible Institute three nights a week. Pray with Christopher & Julie Dean for an open door, in Gods time, to be able to leave for Timor-Leste. Pray also for ongoing online language learning, and good partner engagement in the meantime. Pray for wisdom for Howard & Michelle Newby, as they make a decision about returning to the Philippines in early 2021.  

Sunday 22 – Ethiopia, Kenya & North Africa 

Pray that M will be proactive in following up connections with women and sharing the gospel. Pray for Shane & Naomi Rubie as they readjust to life in Australia and share with supporters how God has been at work in Ethiopia. Pray that Norm & Janelle Gorrie can return to Kenya this month and for the approval of work visas. Give thanks with Marty & Katrina Feltham for Professor Joseph Galgalo’s commitment to the training of evangelical pastors, and pray for a good leadership transition as he finishes up as vicechancellor of St Paul’s University in Limuru in December. 

Monday 23 – DR Congo & Uganda 

Pray with David & Prue Boyd for Amani (the newly trained audiologist) as he settles back into his hospital job, and for David as he recovers from his recent cardiac ablation. Pray also as they consider the right time to return to Congo. Give thanks with Graham & Wendy Toulmin for the safe return of all the newly graduated dental students to their families and communities (the furthest travelling over 600kms through rebel and militia territory) to begin dental work in four new regions of the eastern side of DRC. Pray with David & Jennifer Juniper that God would use them this weekend to inform, encourage and inspire their Christian brothers and sisters at Margaret River Baptist Church. Give thanks with Andrew & Margaret Newman that the six ordinands have been able to return to the Bible college to complete their studies for the year.    

Tuesday 24 – Tanzania 

Pray with Judith Calf for churches in Lweru Diocese to have good and godly preparations for all their ministries through the coming Christmas season. Thank God with Mike & Katie Taylor for the many opportunities for sharing grace with students at college. Pray, with Arthur & Tamie Davis, for new staff workers settling into their regional postings and for solid support from TAFES associates in the area. Give thanks with Glen Dominique Turner for the encouragement of sharing with supporters how God has been answering their prayers over the last three years. Join with Kevin Karen Flanagan in praying for the Tanzanian Anglican Church’s strategic evangelistic plan to launch national Anglican radio and TV stations. 

Wednesday 25 – Namibia & South Africa 

Join with Daniel & Olivia Webster in praying for NETS students as they prepare for final examsthat they not only plan to pass, but grow in their knowledge and love of God. Pray with Kylie Zietsch that JBC and other colleges will reach untrained pastors so that they can be equipped to serve the Church in South Africa. Pray with Mike & Karen Roe for the GWC Bible college students as they sit exams, and faculty as they mark and provide feedback. Give thanks with Nathan & Diane Lovell for the GWC graduation on 26 November and pray that they might find ways to celebrate and rejoice with graduates even though they cannot meet physically. 

Thursday 26 – Chile 

Thank God with Michael Jo Charles for sustaining them to the end of the CEP teaching year, and that only marking remains. Pray for the students as they sit their exams, that they will be encouraged by what they have learnt. Pray with Gary & Julie Haddon for comfort and peace after the cancellation of flights home, and as they spend Christmas apart from their oldest daughter this year. Join Frances Cook to pray for protection for Mapuche Christians in the south of Chile with increasing violence related to indigenous land rights issues. Pray with Chris & Stef Overhall for the GBU annual meeting (14-15 Nov), that this ministry will continue to serve Christ. Pray that Chris will be an encouragement as he preaches at an online church retreat. 

Friday 27 – Mexico, Bolivia, Peru & Uruguay 

Thank God with Nick & Kysha Davies for the online MOCLAM team conference (Latin America and Spain) and all the big picture thinking they’ve been able to do. Give thanks with Adrian & Anita Lovell for those who have been studying Romans with Adrian over the last couple of months. Pray theyd be diligent to the end. Give thanks with Pedro & Joy Oliveira Woolmer for growing relationships at church, school, and with others they see day to day. Give thanks with Peter & Sarah Sholl for the MOCLAM students who are studying via Zoom and pray for their diligence and consistency in study. 

Saturday 28 – Argentina 

Pray with Martin & Julie Field for ABUA during COVID, that it would maintain a clear focus on reaching students with the gospel of Jesus. Pray with Peter & Terry Blowes for energy and creativity to continue to encourage, train and challenge students as they head into the end of the academic year, with classes still all online. Join with Amy Stephens to pray that evangelical churches in Argentina would continue to faithfully teach the Bible and keep Jesus as the focus, offering hope during this difficult time. 

Sunday 29 – CMS Partners 

Praise God with Co-Mission Partner Anwar for the 151 new students enrolled at the Evangelical Theological College, Addis AdabaEthiopia, this semester. Praise God that despite COVID financial obligations have been met and teachers have been paid.  

Monday 30 – CMS Branches 

Pray with NSW & ACT that as the Christmas season approaches, God would give missionaries opportunities to share the hope of Jesus. Pray for missionaries who may find it hard to be away from family and friends, and ask that the CMS fellowship would care for them during this time. Pray with QNNSW for wisdom in planning and preparing for their Summer series and youth camp. Give thanks for the opportunity to reach more people with the gospel online. Pray with SANT that many people would register for Summer Conference by the end of early bird registration today. Pray also for planning for upcoming Home Assignments. Praise God with TAS for good registrations for their online Summer Conference (Summer Under The Son, combined with CMS VIC). Give thanks for the new branch council elected this month and pray they would govern the branch well. Pray for VIC as they film segments for their Summer conference. Pray also for the various speakers as they record talks to be delivered in January during SUTS@homeLonging For Revival. Give thanks with WA for those serving on the CMS-WA board for another year, as well as for the CMS-WA chairman Dr Graham McKay. Pray that they would have wisdom in governance.