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Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs. 

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June 2020 Prayer Points

SPECIAL PRAYER FOCUS FOR MAY: Churches and God’s mission

Father God, we thank you that we do not stand alone as Christians, but form the body of the church with our brothers and sisters, with Christ as our head. We praise you for continuing to provide faithful local churches to support CMS missionaries with generous giving and persistent prayer, and ask that even more churches would be inspired by the vision of a world that knows Jesus to partner with CMS in seeing the gospel go out to all nations. Grant us radical generosity in the name of your Son. Amen. 

Monday 1 – Japan 

Nathan & Maki Clapham give thanks for Maki’s new role in KGK and pray she’ll get to know the students well, and build trusting relationships. Steven & Sandra Parsons pray that Japanese church and organisation leaders will make wise decisions about the summer activities planned for the next few months, considering all the virus challenges. Matt & Jen Lim pray for creativity to find ways to continue building relationships with their friends from kindergarten. Chenny Thie prays she will keep on trusting the Lord’s wisdom and plan even if she cannot go back to Tokyo on the 14th as scheduled. Roger & Noriko Dethlefs pray for protection for health workers and wisdom for politicians as they try to control the spread of the virus. Adam & Helane Ramsay pray for creative ways to share Jesus with their friends, to grow more like Jesus and to treasure him above all else. 


Tuesday 2 – Japan & Taiwan 

Dene & Rachel Hughes give thanks that the KGK students have organised many groups to meet online and that people have been able to attend. Dave & Beck McIntyre pray for an increased focus on prayer at their church, this year’s theme. Brad & Michelle Jackson give thanks for safe travel back to Australia and pray for an encouraging final home assignment. Kellie Nicholas prays for a good time of fellowship with other KGK staff from the Western region. Sam & Shan-Shan Chrisp give thanks for the Taiwan government’s continued hard work in protecting the country, and that most people in Taiwan are still able to work and earn an income. 


Wednesday 3 – East Asia 

E prays for good progress with language learning and thaher visa renewal application will progress smoothly and successfully. L & J pray for international students who have grown in Christ while part of the international fellowship as they graduate. D & L pray that they will point people to give thanks and glory to God as they finish their last full month in East Asia. Pray that they would have the opportunity to say goodbye with restrictions in place. L gives thanks for the provision and encouragement received during the self-isolation period. D & T pray that opportunities would arise with neighbours to show where their peace and hope comes from. S & K pray for God to bring good from this evil virus and to shine light in the darkness of those they minister amongst. Pray for five churches in five mountain cities. 


Thursday 4 – Eurasia, Netherlands, Ireland & Austria  

R prays for wisdom as she works through options for her future visa platform. David & Cathie Sandifer give thanks to God for protection and renewed encouragement in the Lord. Pray for clarity about the timeline of their departure for Amsterdam. Erin Moorcroft praises God for the students who have been studying a certificate in children’s ministry. Pray for them as they hand in their final pieces of course work tomorrow. Rachel Gibbs prays for the ÖSM staff team, that they would prepare and adjust well to the General Secretary going on a one year sabbatical, and two staff members leaving. 


Friday 5 – Spain & Malta 

Miriam Bradshaw thanks God that his love is steadfast, and prays that physical and gospel doors might open with neighbours and classmates. Mike & Tania Snowdon pray for the summer camp ministries that aren’t happening this year, that God would hold these young people close and grow them in dependence on himJim & Tanja French pray for Spain as people feel grief, helplessness, fear, and anger, with COVID-19 having hit hard. Pray that this would bring people closer to God. G & R thank God for the Malta University Bible Group members growing through their online Zoom group. 


Saturday 6 – Germany & Italy 

Mimy Gardner prays for the continued deepening of friendships between people at LEC. Klaus & Jude Hickel praise God for the development of a national song writing network in Germany, in partnership with Emu Music. Gillian Law gives thanks for technology and the creativity of colleagues to use it in new ways to reach students. Simon & Jessica Cowell pray as they recommence working with GBU in Italy while still in Australia. Pray they would be able to encourage their students, colleagues, and church family. Naomi Brunacci prays for A, a university student who has recently given her life to Jesus in Italy, that she’d have strong roots in the good soil of God’s grace. 


Sunday 7 – France 

Colin & Catherine Puffett pray as they struggle to manage expectations and plans in this time of uncertainty. Pray they will forge good relationships with their link churches and supportersKelly Landrigan prays for especially good times together in church and community groups during the summer break, after their period of lockdown. Daniel & Kate Morris pray for good reconnections with friends as they come out of lockdown, and that they will speak of their confidence in their sovereign God. Josh & Susannah Apieczonek pray for the GBU staff and council as they plan and think strategy for the future. 


Monday 8 – Development & Training 

C & K pray that they would be able to carry some of the financial burden for CMS by finding alternative means of housing and employment over the next 6 months. J & R thank God for all those who have prayed for and supported them while they trained at St Andrews Hall. T & O pray for opportunities to farewell SAH staff and colleagues well and for a smooth transition into the next stage. Maurice & Amanda give thanks for the CMS training facility, especially for the staff, who have stretched and grown them in further preparation to serve. M & K pray that God will provide for his people in Kenya during this difficult time and that the faith, hope, and love of Christians there will be a witness to those around them. 

Mentac: Thank God for continued connections with people through the lockdown, through the internet. Pray for God to be restoring and deepening relationships with local contacts as restrictions ease. Ask God to bless the plans and preparations of trainees Jess, James, and Steph as they work through what the virus will mean for their future service overseas. 


Tuesday 9 – Nepal & Pakistan 

D & E pray for decisions as to how KISC should resume onsite schooling and return to full operation. Pray for the staff who are finding online teaching and learning exhausting. Judy Gerber prays for the wellbeing of staff, particularly those who are alone in their apartments and far from families in home countries. D & S pray for the government and leaders to be wise, just, and generous, especially in considering the millions of impoverished people who are struggling to sustain themselves and their familiesI & R pray that believers will be caring for those around them and sharing the hope that they have. 


Wednesday 10 – Nepal 

G & R pray that the Lord would be merciful and restrain large outbreaks of the virus in developing countries where there are few medical resources. S prays for those affected by COVID-19, particularly the vulnerable, that God would provide their spiritual and physical needs. B & L continue to pray for the poor and vulnerable in Nepal in challenging times and for the church to be salt and light. Pray for courage and compassion for healthcare workers. L & T give thanks for teachers supporting the education of their children in the changing circumstances of government directives about social distancing. K (& B) pray that connecting online to churches and others will bring different opportunities but will still enable them to say thanks well. 


Thursday 11 – South Asia 

A prays that she will remain faithful in proclaiming Jesus in South West Sydney. K prays that God will grow missionaries and local South Asian believers in generosity and wisdom. Pray that Christians can care well for people living in poverty. E prays for creativity and diligence in designing some more henna Bible story patterns and learning them in her new language. L prays for the distribution of food aid. Pray against jealousy in those who do not receive it, suspicion in those who think not all has been given, and temptation in those who distribute. M & K pray that one day there will be others from their building who join God’s family. Pray that God would help them pray consistently, reverently, and fervently for their country and neighbours. 


Friday 12 – UAE & Jordan 

M & C pray that Whitman Academy will find the staff they need for the new academic year in this time of uncertainty. M & O pray that the church would continue to be built up over summer, with new opportunities to keep building up and reaching out. J & D pray that their 242 Bible study leaders will continue to persevere with their online groups despite feeling ‘Zoomed out’. W & C pray for the planning and launching of a summer Bible study series for the many women remaining unexpectedly in Dubai. E prays for her visa to be granted soon and for wisdom in equipping young adult women to grow in their faith. K gives thanks for ongoing ministry with people in Dubai and Japan. Pray for good time management, especially with study needs. 


Saturday 13 – Middle East 

J prays for the six women in her WhatsApp group to grow in their sense of group identity and become comfortable in sharing things. S & pray for spiritual protection during the fasting month and for God to powerfully use the circumstances of Covid-19 to grow his kingdom. L prays that she will be diligent in maintaining her language as she waits for God’s plan on when to return. L & C pray for God to be revealing himself in creative ways, when people can’t necessarily hear the gospel in person. 


Sunday 14 – Middle East 

Pray with M, C, and B for good conversations with locals about why God allowed the Coronavirus, especially when meeting up with friends in person after restrictions are lifted. Pray also with B as she makes decisions regarding her long-term role and timing of home assignment, amidst current uncertainties. S & C give thanks for the students who will be finishing up their last term at college this month. Pray that they would proclaim the good news faithfully, endure hardships patiently, and serve their churches joyfully. 


Monday 15 – North Australia 

Tavis & Kate Beer pray that the virus wouldn’t pass into Aboriginal remote communities under lockdown and that Christians would continue to proclaim the hope of Christ. Ian & Jenny Wood praise God for measures taken early by the NT government to protect people in remote communities, and that people in Numbalwar have been Covid-free. Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones pray that the Northern Territory and the Federal governments would have wisdom as they plan to open up the remote Aboriginal communities in biosecurity areas. Derek & Rosemary Snibson give thanks that some restrictions are starting to lift in Darwin and there are more opportunities to meet people face-to-face. Chris & Karen Webb ask God to protect his people in the Kimberley from discouragement and temptation during this time when mutual encouragement is difficult. 


Tuesday 16 – North Australia, PNG, & Vanuatu 

Matt & Lisa Pearson thank God for the safe arrival of Samuel Matthias Butler Pearson. Matt & Kate Vinicombe pray for continued diligence with language learning and practice, regardless of what level of restrictions they have. Joel & Tiffanie Atwood thank God for the new ways they have been able to connect with supporting churches during home assignment. Keith & Marion Birchley pray for wisdom, perseverance and creativity to navigate unknown times. 


Wednesday 17 – CMS Australia 

Pray for CMS-Australia as many of the office work from home. Pray for wisdom with financing decisions and that CMS-A would continue to trust in the provision of the Lord. Pray for the day to come soon where missionaries and staff can meet and pray in person again. Pray that all the staff will be diligent and thankful, relying on God’s strength to continue his work of bringing glory to his name. 


Thursday 18 – South East Asia 

J prays for wisdom for all concerned as decisions are made regarding when businesses and schools will be permitted to re-open. N recently learned how to say ‘rest assured’ in the local language. Pray for opportunities to point people to the source of her ‘blessed assurance’. K prays as she engages in ministry with her home church, that God would prosper their cross-cultural relationships. N & R praise God for the way believers are connecting and encouraging one another despite isolation. Pray they would be good witnesses to their neighbours. M & L pray that they would connect well with their supporters as they ‘visit’ link churches, that they would be able to share the joys and challenges of God’s work in their location. S prays for South East Asia peoples to come to living faith in Jesus and for opportunities for believers to love and care for others. 


Friday 19 – Cambodia & South East Asia 

Maggie Crewes give thanks for safety in Cambodia. Pray for God’s provision for staff that have had to have been let go. Wim & Maaike Prins give thanks for their (semi-)permanent accommodation. Pray for a fruitful home assignment. Craig & Samantha McCorkindale pray for their grieving as their flights back to Cambodia are cancelled. Pray that they would trust and wait for clarity as they help their kids to process and wait on the Lord. Bethany Vaughan praises God for her friend P’s baptism. Pray for her ongoing spiritual growth. Dave & Leoni Painter pray for Phnom Penh Bible School as they go online to teach their students who are now living all over Cambodia. Andrew & Liz Glover pray for world leaders to have wisdom about when to lift restrictions. asks for perseverance in language and culture learning, and for provision of a few key local friends to help her grow in participating more and more in local life. 


Saturday 20 – Indonesia 

Andrew Buchanan & Abi Tandiseru give thanks for two postgraduate subjects in New Testament that Andrew has been able to teach online in Toraja. N & R pray for God to have mercy on Indonesia in this time of crisis. J & D pray for good family time over the long school break and that they might spur one another on towards love and good deeds. R prays for assistance to be made available equitably and efficiently to individuals and families under economic pressure and needing help as a result of the pandemic. T & E pray that two discovery groups that have been meeting online would multiply in the families of those that attend. Alan & Helen Wood thank the Lord for the help CMS has been to them during the virus. Robin & Sarah Kinstead pray for energy for Robin as he preaches, pastors and serves at Pitt Town Anglican Church as locum. 


Sunday 21 – South East Asia 

J & I pray for safe travels back for home assignment and that the ministries that they have been involved in will continue to grow while they are gone. I gives thanks for some good questions from students in messages and whatsapp classes. Pray for the setting and marking of final exams. Martin & Jenny Foord pray that the current ETCA students would rest and recuperate well during the semester break. Pray that the new students will be warmly welcomed. Ian & Narelle Hadfield ask for prayer as they have been separated since March by COVID-19; Ian in Singapore and Narelle in Sydney. Chris & Grace Adams pray for adaptivity and creativity as they seek gospel ministry in a COVID-19 Timor Leste. Pray for their family as they manage the lockdown period. Christopher & Julie Dean pray that God will continue preparing them comprehensively to serve in Timor Leste. Howard & Michelle Newby pray that people would be encouraged to partner in God’s mission globally. 


Monday 22 – Ethiopia, Kenya & North Africa 

M prays that believers in her city would work well together for the glory of God. Shane & Naomi Rubie pray for their kids as they try to settle into Australia – that Max will get help at school, Oli will find work, Lucy will take rest after finishing the Bingham school year, and Tom at uni. Norm & Janelle Gorrie pray for the 30 pastors in ACK Marsabit Diocese as they shepherd their congregations when churches have all been closed and few have access to online services. 


Tuesday 23 – DR Congo & Uganda 

David & Prue Boyd pray for protection, especially for the poor, as the pandemic evolves. Pray for church leaders to be able to provide spiritual sustenance in this time. Graham & Wendy Toulmin pray they may be able to complete the final three months of training with their students and see the establishment of basic dental clinics in four more regions. David & Jennifer Juniper give thanks that David has secured two days a week employment at their old church while they wait on God’s timing. Andrew & Margaret Newman pray for Christians to hold out the hope we have in Christ in this testing time. 


Wednesday 24 – Tanzania 

Judith Calf prays that their students, whether they are able to continue study or not, would be lights for Jesus wherever they are. Pray for God’s protection of pastors and evangelists in Lweru Diocese. Mike & Katie Taylor pray that preaching the good news of Jesus will be the focus of their ministry and that of their partners in Australia and Arusha. Arthur & Tamie Davis pray for TAFES staff as they support students whose education has been disrupted by COVID-19. Glen & Dominique Turner pray that young Tanzanians would put their trust in Christ and would have opportunities for work that will provide for them and build up their nation. Kevin & Karen Flanagan pray that the Lord would help all the pastors in the diocese as they lead their congregations during this difficult time. 


Thursday 25 – Namibia & South Africa 

Daniel & Olivia Webster pray for wisdom as NETS figures out how to conclude such a disrupted semester and to do so in a way that prioritises training but does not cause resentment. Kylie Zietsch praises God for his goodness, faithfulness, and constancy in a challenging lockdown. Pray for L to come back to Christ and have wisdom in her relationships. Mike & Karen Roe pray for diligence and motivation in the studies of their GWC students. Pray that the Roes will be a family marked by grace, thankfulness and contentment. Nathan & Diane Lovell pray for students and teachers struggling to continue through this pandemic. 


Friday 26 – Chile 

Michael & Jo Charles thank God for ongoing CEP classes despite the distance. Pray for conversations with neighbours who don’t yet know Jesus, that they would speak faithfully of the hope we have. Gary & Julie Haddon pray for their students and staff, as they grieve the feelings of the loss of deep and rich community which they have not been able to have so far this year. Frances Cook prays that the opportunities to meet neighbours during lockdown might bear fruit for Jesus. Chris & Stef Overhall give thanks for the students in Chile, Argentina, and the US who have studied MOCLAM with Chris these last months. Pray that the Word will be at work in their lives and ministries. 


Saturday 27 – Mexico, Bolivia, Peru & Uruguay 

Nick & Kysha Davies pray that churches in Peru would continue working hard to regularly reach all the folks in their congregations. Adrian & Anita Lovell give thanks for time to develop productive projects and meaningful relationships. They pray their MOCLAM students will continue to reach others with the good news of Jesus. Pedro & Joy Oliveira Woolmer give thanks that they were able to complete the health checks for residency. Pray for opportunities to love fellow Christians at church and in the university group. Peter & Sarah Sholl pray for good ‘goodbyes’ and an encouraging re-entry as they leave Mexico for their final home assignment. 


Sunday 28 – Argentina 

Martin & Julie Field give thanks for those joining their Zoom Bible studies, including some non-Christians, and pray for those struggling without an income. Peter & Terry Blowes pray for much gospel fruit from the student ministry in Buenos Aires. May this season be one where hundreds seek for and find Jesus the king. Amy Stephens prays God would give her wisdom to know how to best support and accompany the university students during this time of quarantine. 


Monday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for the Co-Mission Partners that CMS supports through the Mission Support Fund. Pray for protection for them, their families, and their communities. Pray that they and the ministries and churches they support will be reaching out with generosity and peace to their neighbours. Pray that they would be ready and full of the right words to witness to others in a time of uncertainty. Pray they would be always pointing others to Jesus. 


Tuesday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW & ACT Give thanks that CMS missionaries are finding ways to share the lasting hope of Jesus amidst challenging circumstances. Pray for a strong result in the CMS Lasting Hope Appeal, ending today, so that missionaries can continue to serve God in their locations. QNNSW Pray for K, the new missionary candidate, as she begins St Andrew’s Hall training this semester. SANT Praise God for the appointment of the new Regional Director, Mark Peterson, starting 1st June. Please pray that he will settle in quickly and that all will work together well as a staff team. Thank God for the hard work of our interim RD, David.  TAS Pray for the Branch Council and State Director of CMS Tasmania: that they would make good and wise governance decisions during this time of COVID-19. Give thanks for the five CMS Tasmania Missionaries. Pray that supporters would give joyfully and sacrificially. VIC Pray that young adults will get behind the A1:8 event, even if it has to happen online! WA Pray for a generous response to the CMS-WA Lasting Hope appeal, enabling CMS-WA to meet their budget. Pray for the ongoing effective ministry of our missionaries on location, despite restrictions. 

Former Missionaries Fellowship With the Former Missionaries’ Fellowship, we praise God for the life of Maree Farley, who died in Sydney on 8 April, aged 86. Maree used her medical skills in the service of God and CMS. She did medical examinations of CMS missionaries for almost 40 years and was the Federal Medical Registrar for CMSA and the Registrar for the NSW branch 1980-2002. We also praise God with Colin and Wendy Reed (with CMS-A: Home Staff 1984-93; SAH 1994-99; Tanzania 1999-2007; 2008) as they celebrate his 80th birthday on 22 June. And we pray for Helen Hoskins (Tanzania from 1983) as she recovers from major cancer surgery. We praise God with her that her tumour has not spread and she needs no chemo. We pray with Helen for God to show her the right time to return to Bunda, Tanzania.