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Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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Father God, we thank you for the gift of a new year. Thank you for your sustaining power, which enables us to live and serve you. Please work powerfully through CMS missionaries this year. Use them to bring many people to love you, and to strengthen and encourage other believers. Lord, please raise up more workers this year, and work in the hearts of those considering mission. In Jesus’ nameAmen. 

Wednesday 20 – France 

Pray with Kelly Landrigan that the COVID vaccines will be effective and that people will be willing to take part in this (France has low rate of vaccination, in general). Pray with Colin and Catherine Puffett that as Juliens school celebrates Australia Day, this opportunity to contribute to an increasingly closed school community might be well received. Pray with Daniel and Kate Morris for Hannah and Emilie as they start school in Australia. Pray that they will adjust quickly and make some lovely friends and that they would depend on God for strength and comfort always. Pray with Josh and Susannah Apieczonek that students would use the loosening of the lockdown to invite their relationship-starved friends to their Bible discussion groups. 

Thursday 21 – CMS Australia 

Pray for Peter Sholl who is beginning with CMS-A as a Regional Mission Director next month. Pray that he will adapt well to the role and for safety and protection when international travel begins again. Pray for the finance team as they work on implementing the new accounting system, followed by the start of the FY2122 budget preparation. Pray for wisdom and patience to balance priorities during a stressful period. 

Friday 22 – Middle East 

Praise God with for the opportunity to spend time with family and friends since arriving in Australia. Pray also for wisdom regarding her future location. Pray for wisdom for C as she searches for and considers future ministry possibilities. Pray with J that the women she meets with will see more deeply how much they are forgiven and be able to forgive. Pray for L as she farewells supporters and begins a new stage of life and ministry. Pray that M can get better at sharing stories in Arabic and pray for T and her family to listen and engage. Pray with and P for P, D and AJ that they remain steadfast in faith, grow in God and trust him in coming together to spur one another on. Pray for wisdom for S as he leads and cares for them. Pray with and C for protection from the coronavirus, especially among the poor and frail, as the winter cold hits the Middle East. 

Saturday 23 – UAE and Jordan 

Pray for E to have much needed rest over January. Pray with and D for an on-time and smooth transfer into their new church offices this month. Pray for the staff team who haven’t worked together in an office for 10 months. Ask God with K for new contacts within the Japanese community, and for good links for those moving on all of whom are non-believers. Give thanks with and O for the great encouragement of new permissions to meet as a church. Pray for permission for increased capacity and length of services. Give thanks with and C for time with supporters over December and January and pray for return to their location this month. Pray with Malcolm and Charissa for Aidan as he prepares to start university. 

Sunday 24 – Nepal 

Pray for and L as they meet and share with link churches and supporters to encourage participation in God’s mission – Zillmere (Jan 24), Nambour (Jan 31), North Pine (Feb 7), Clayfield (Feb 14) and Kenmore (Feb 21). Pray for some time of refreshment for and R during their Home AssignmentPray with and T for safety in travel during final Home Assignment, and for M, J, and C to be emotionally, socially, and spiritually prepared to start school next week. Pray for S, that God would be her anchor as she travels and adjusts to being back in Sydney. 

Monday 25 – Pakistan and South Asia 

Pray that and S will continue to build relationships and teach effectively despite all contact with students being onlinePray for endurance for as she continues to settle into her weekly routine of learning language, ministry in the social business and life in South Asia. Pray with E for the new semester starting in February, for good teachers and patience as classes get organised. Pray that K and her community centre colleagues will have wisdom in deciding what therapy options and training to offer in 2021 while the pandemic remains a reality. Pray that and K will have opportunities to visit their neighbours villages during the winter months, and grow in relationship with them. Give thanks with and K for God’s gracious provision, protection and strength in all circumstances. 

Tuesday 26 – East Asia 

Give thanks with and T for the opportunity to continue serving within CMS during term one as they await their return to East Asia. Pray with E for the CMS conferences; that God would be at work, raising up many workers and supporters. Pray that K would make good connections with new churches and supporters over the coming month and enjoying pre-existing friendships as she settles back into Brisbane. Pray with and J for J as she helps to build community and relationships in their fellowship and for L taking on a heavy preaching load over these six months. Pray for L to have more opportunities to share the love of Jesus with those she meets. 

Wednesday 27 – Japan 

Give thanks with Nathan and Maki Clapham for the various student and church Christmas outreach and pray for preparations for the NET national student conference. Give thanks with Matt and Jen Lim for the chance to get away to the mountains for a week, and pray that it would be a refreshing time for them as a family. Pray with Steven and Sandra Parsons for wisdom and insight as Steven prepares for the TEAM Japan Office retreat so this team will continue to grow in their effectiveness in serving missionaries. Prawith Chenny Thie for the preparation and smooth running of zoom KGK NET conference (2226 February). Give thanks with Roger and Noriko Dethlefs for precious time with family and friends over this last month. Pray with Adam and Helane Ramsay for their children to finish school well in their final term. 

Thursday 28 – Japan and Taiwan 

Give thanks with Dene and Rachel Hughes for the slower pace at university during this exam time and the break they can take as a family. As the academic year draws to a close, give thanks with Kellie Nicholas for the many blessings in an unusual year. Pray also for a refreshing holiday in the first week of February. Pray with Dave and Beck McIntyre for church plans for the new financial year that starts in April. Pray that they can be ready for kids and youth ministry as they come out of COVIDrelated restrictions. Pray with Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp for their language teachers to grow in their knowledge of God and his love. 

Friday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for Co-Mission Partners JamesMandy and Marlene in their teaching and training ministries at NungalinyaAsk God to equip them with all they need to strengthen and teach the next generation of leaders. Pray also for our Mission Support Fund scholarship recipients who have been studying online for an extended period. 

Saturday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW & ACT Praise God for the encouragement of CMS Summer School earlier this month, as people gathered in person and online to be refreshed by God’s word. Pray that attendees will be excited to play their part in global mission in 2021. QNNSW Pray for wisdom and discernment for their Council and Executive and for the Chair, Martin Hawkins as they begin a new year. SANT: Give thanks for the Rubies’ eight years of service in Ethiopia as they finish their time with CMS. Pray for God’s protection and provision for other gospel workers beginning final Home Assignment. TAS: Give thanks for a great SummerView / SUTS online conference, praising God for the support received from CMS Victoria. Pray for several churches considering partnering with new missionaries Maurice and Amanda. Pray for the new board as they prepare for the first 2021 meeting in February. VIC: Ask for God’s blessing over their summer conferences (adults, kids and youth), as they meet in a scattered form, and for Sarah and René Bruel as they join in virtually from Italy on the theme of Longing for Revival. WA: Pray for a successful and safe deployment of David and Jenny Juniper to DR Congo at the end of January. 

Sunday 31 – Former Missionaries Fellowship 

Pray for those missionaries who have recently finished their service with CMS. Give thanks for their faithful ministries, and ask God to lead and guide them in this next season of life. Praise God for the life of Ian Ward, who died in October last year. Give thanks for the ministry of Ian and Elke in the Northern Territory (1976-93) and comfort Elke and their three surviving children