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So much of the world has stopped and changed, yet the restoring and redeeming work of the gospel continues. Our world is broken and yet we live with hope!
We long for revival. In our hearts, in our churches, in the nations.
Will you join us this summer?



Sarah + Rene Breuel

IFES and City to City Europe

Sarah has just served as the Director of the Revive Europe and is the Evangelism Training Coordinator for IFES Europe. Included in the “33 under 33” Christianity Today’s list of leaders to watch, Sarah has served as Chair of the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering 2016. Originally from Brazil and currently living in Rome, Sarah has worked for IFES in 4 national movements in the last 13 years (Brazil, Canada, Norway and Italy) and now works in the European region. She has a Business degree and a MDiv from Regent College. She has recently joined the Lausanne Board of Directors as its youngest member.

René Breuel grew up in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2012 he, Sarah and a team have started Hopera, a new church in Rome. Hopera is currently planting its second daughter congregation and dreams of movement of the gospel that contributes to the spiritual, cultural and social flourishing of Rome. He is the author of The Paradox of Happiness, has a Master in Creative Writing from Oxford University and a Master of Divinity from Regent College, Vancouver.

Sarah and René are married and have two boys: Pietro and Matteo.


Wei-Han Kuan

State Director, CMS Victoria



Mark is the director of one of our partner organisations in the middle east – he has lived and worked there with his family for 16 years. A renewables engineer by background, for most of that time he worked in and helped set up grassroots community development projects in rural villages – basic stuff like helping people get safe water and build latrines, grow more food, make a living from their skills, teach each other to read, make decisions as a community. For the last 5 years he and his wife have been more based in the big cities, leading the organisation and supporting mental health projects, essential innovation in a fragile and sensitive part of the world


Andrew Livingstone

Missions Operations Officer, CMS Victoria


Brad & Michell Jackson

CMS Missionaries, Japan


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