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Building strong leaders for Japan

CMS missionary Kellie Nicholas serves in Japan with KGK, a university Bible group. Here she describes the enjoyment and blessing that has resulted through online training of Christian student leaders.  One of the upsides of doing ministry online is that meetings can be more accessible for students. Recently I started some online leaders’ training via Zoom. All the students in the photo have become leaders of their campus groups this […]

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Reflections on the Homogeneous Unit Principle: part 1 of 4

CMS Director of Training and Development David Williams introduces a series of reflections on the Homogeneous Unit Principle. In this first of four articles, he defines this influential mission idea and gives a history of its development. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. We are beginning a series of Checkpoint articles that reflect […]

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Book Review: “Mission Matters: Love says Go”

Book Review by Scott Doran-Sargent  Chester, Tim. 2015. Mission Matters: Love says Go. London: IVP  Mission Matters: Love Says Go has been a staple offering on our CMS Tasmania conference bookstalls for a few years now.     Chester argues that mission is from everywhere to everywhere. Therefore, his focus is not exclusively on what CMS prioritises—long-term cross-cultural mission. However, Chester does say that mission priority should be sending […]

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How I became a missionary in Japan: an interview with Kellie Nicholas

CMS missionary Kellie Nicholas has served in Japan since 2007. Here Paddy Benn and Aaron Smith (from the ‘Aspire’ podcast) interview her about how she went from being a struggling high school language student to a missionary among students in Japan.  Kellie says: “I knew that Jesus was my Saviour, but I hadn’t quite clicked that Jesus needed to be my Lord…” In […]

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Making the most of every opportunity

CMS missionaries David and Jenny Juniper are waiting to begin their ministry in DR Congo. With their departure delayed due to the Coronavirus, they have found other opportunities to serve God’s people. They share how God has opened a door to serve on Christmas Island while they wait.  “Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that […]

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COVID in Cambodia’s shame culture

CMS missionaries David and Leoni Painter live in Cambodia, where they serve at Phnom Penh Bible School. Here they consider the social and spiritual consequences of Coronavirus on their nation.  We are now more than a year into the pandemic, and we continue to see people around the world suffering—but not always in the same way. As outsiders, God […]

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Seeing God’s ‘hidden’ blessings

CMS missionary Amy Stephens serves in Argentina, a country that continues to struggle with high COVID numbers and resulting economic and social problems. Despite the pandemic, she continues to meet with and train university students, often remotely. She shares how God is teaching her to count her blessings.   “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, […]

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