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Not forgetting to remember the Saviour

CMS missionaries Keith and Marion Birchley serve in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship. They share some of their experience with celebrating Easter in PNG.   We have lived in Port Moresby since 2015, but there are aspects of church and community life that we are still learning. Easter is one of […]

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Easter in Uganda: focus on fasting

CMS missionaries Andrew and Margie Newman work at Canon Ndimbirwe Bible College in Uganda. They have experienced three Easters in Uganda, two affected by COVID. Nevertheless, they are starting to get a sense of the usual Easter pattern.  Allowing for the fact that two of our three Easters in Uganda have been ‘Corona-ised’, we have […]

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Celebrating redemption with the Easter people

Last night I went for a walk with a friend in the early evening. The dusty streets of this small Middle Eastern town were uncharacteristically quiet, with hardly a person in sight. Most of the shops were boarded up and the sound of car horns was strangely absent. As we walked, we enjoyed the festive lights hung up across the windows and watched the stray cats dart across the road.  

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Celebrating the uniqueness of Christ – Easter in Toraja

CMS missionaries Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru serve in theological education and church-based ministries in Toraja, Indonesia. They share what Easter is like in their location.  The Easter season celebrates the turning point in God’s plan of salvation, as Jesus takes on himself the sin of the world and then conquers the great enemy, death. […]

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