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“I would like to understand the Bible”

CMS missionaries Andrew and Margie Newman, are serving at the Canon Ndimbirwe Bible College in Uganda. They first arrived in Uganda in January 2020 after decades of ministry in the Armidale diocese in NSW. In March 2020, as Coronavirus was beginning to take effect, Margie prayed a specific prayer and made a note of it in her diary.   ‘Lord, please make surprising opportunities for the gospel during COVID lockdown.’   […]

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Scattered from our city

CMS workers M & O, share the story of a believer who rejoiced in God’s plan, despite losing his job and being forced to return to his home country.  In the book of Acts, believers from Jerusalem experienced persecution and so found themselves forced to leave the city. We read in Acts 8:4, “Those who were scattered went about preaching the word”.  While we’re not experiencing persecution as those believers did, we are […]

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Gospel conversations anywhere, anytime

CMS workers L & I have a particular interest in telling Bible stories and speaking of Jesus to those in the Middle East. But even when based in Melbourne, as part of the training team at St Andrew’s Hall, cross-cultural opportunities abound. The interactions in this story took place just before Coronavirus lockdown began. I […]

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SAH redevelopment update: Milestones being met

Praise God that despite only being allowed 25% of workers on site, as of mid-September we are on track to complete the building before Christmas. This is contingent on Victoria’s COVID situation progressing so that from October we can have increased numbers of workers on site (85%). We are thankful that the new building is waterproof, […]

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The importance of time

CMS missionaries Brad and Michelle Jackson recently returned to Australia after 13 years serving in Japan. Michelle shares how God was at work as she sought to build deep relationships with women in her community. Challenging soil for the gospel Japan is known as hard ground for the gospel, as family and cultural expectations block […]

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COVID-19 as a practise run for the Lord’s return 

CMS missionaries Andrew & Margie Newman, serving in Uganda, like everyone, have been affected by the Coronavirus in various ways. Here they reflect on the way the pandemic has helped them think about our expectation of coming judgement.  We’ve been reflecting on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11, where Paul writes to the Thessalonian Christians about the final day of judgement. Here are some of the key verses from that […]

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Pleasure, pain and the secular worldview Part 6: Prayer in a Pain-Pleasure World

Here is the sixth and final in CMS Director of Training and Development David Williams’ series on ‘Pleasure, pain, and the secular worldview’. Part one, Emotions and the Fall’, is  here. Part two, ‘Life under the dome’, is here. Part three ‘Shrink-wrapped minds’ is here. Part four, the age of authenticity, is here. part 5, ‘Suffering and Glory’ is here. […]

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Equipped by grace

CMS missionaries Mike & Katie Taylor work at Munguishi Bible College, in Tanzania, where they help explain God’s grace and equip ministry workers to teach the gospel. Here Mike shares how this work helps front-line evangelism in Tanzania. One of the most stunning things I’ve seen in all our time in Tanzania was watching two […]

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Acting out the gospel

The Mark Drama has a simple premise—to take the Gospel of Mark and turn it into theatre with evangelistic intent. Checkpoint approached CMS missionaries from Europe, East Asia and South America and asked them to talk about their experiences in ‘acting out the gospel’. Naomi Brunacci, Italy CMS missionary Naomi Brunacci has worked alongside students […]

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