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Reasons to endure

CMS workers S & I, working in South Asia, continue to feel the urgency of persevering in mission through many difficulties for them and others. Read why. As we near the end of our second term, we want to offer some thoughts about why we think it matters to persevere in gospel ministry on the […]

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Suffering, endurance and hope

CMS worker M, with his wife L, work in SE Asia and have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties and sufferings of many believers there. Here M challenges us to see suffering in the light of future hope and the call for perseverance. In our country, like many in South East Asia, Christians have experienced significant […]

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Perseverance in Japan

CMS missionary Michelle Jackson, serving with husband Brad in Japan, knows that while gospel opportunities abound, genuine belief in Jesus as Saviour is a difficult choice to make One day Ueda-san was walking past the church as he had done many times.  But this day was different.  He stopped, he felt drawn to go inside […]

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Review: The Call: Finding and Fulfilling The Central Purpose of Your Life

The Call: Finding and Fulfilling The Central Purpose of Your Life by Os Guinness Review by Chris Cooper, CMS-A Regional Mission Director For over 30 years I have admired Os Guinness’ clear writing and public discourse. In this book Guinness brings this clarity to the sometimes vague questions we ask about what God wants from us, richly […]

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Review: Guidance and the Voice of God

Guidance and the Voice of God by Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne Reviewed by CMS missionaries Adrian & Anita Lovell, Chile This book had the biggest impact on us as far as guidance goes (although not specific to mission). I (Adrian) found it incredibly liberating to know that as Christians we have a lot of freedom—”God’s […]

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The cost of change includes children

Former CMS missionary Helen Reid (who served with Andrew in the Middle East) knows that being ‘all things to all people’ will be costly for children as well as parents. Read about some of those costs and how her family responded. “Every Aussie kid should be able to ride a bike,” said my Australian friend, […]

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Review: A Praying Life

A Praying Life, Paul Miller Written like a well-organised blog, A Praying Life takes an honest look at the difficulties of prayer, unanswered prayers and successes in prayer. Author Paul Miller invites readers to reflect on prayer as a relationship with God, and to focus less on the act of praying itself. Packed with practical […]

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