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Making sense of the biblical story through MOCLAM

CMS missionaries Adrian and Anita Lovell serve in Bolivia where they teach theology and biblical studies with MOCLAM. They share an interview with one of their students. 

One of our students, Omar, recently finished his sixth MOCLAM subject, which meant he was presented with his Preliminary Theological Certificate!  

Omar started studying with MOCLAM six years ago and has worked hard, persevering in difficult circumstances. He has studied some subjects face-to-face, others online, and some he has done on his own at home. This flexibility has worked well for him, as he has a young family to care for. Omar also leads the music team at our church, and it has been encouraging for us to see him grow in his understanding of God’s word. 

Adrian: How did you start studying with MOCLAM? 

Omar: I was really keen because I heard from others who had studied. It was due to curiosity at first, and because I wanted to be a part of it! Once I was in the group, I enjoyed how we shared together. We could share about God and learn more that way. 

Adrian: What has been your favourite MOCLAM subject? 

Omar: Creation to New Creation was my favourite subject because it opened up the big picture of the Bible, and it’s like the things I knew beforehand have now been put in their right place, and this helps in understanding the whole story.  

Adrian: Can you think of an example of how your studies have impacted your life? 

Creation to New Creation has had a huge impact on me. When I talk with others, I can place the context well, and I can express myself in a way that is more real for me and for those I’m sharing with. 

Adrian: Will you keep studying? 

Yes, I want to! And this time making an even greater effort. 


Your support of CMS missionaries like Adrian and Anita Lovell is enabling men and women like Omar in the Spanish-speaking world deepen their faith and be better equipped to share the gospel. Find out how you can partner with CMS missionaries here 

  • MOCLAM is a theological education provider directed and staffed by CMS missionaries. With teaching materials adapted from Moore Theological College’s PTC courses, MOCLAM provides accessible and high-quality theological education to Spanish speakers throughout Ibero-America. They offer an undergraduate program consisting of 18 subjects, which have a focus in biblical studies.
  • You can see an English language version of the Creation to New Creation course at