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2021 Checkpoint

God changing hearts in the Northern Territory

CMS missionaries Tavis and Kate Beer serve in the Northern Territory, supporting Aboriginal church leaders and developing ministry resources. Here they share stories of some of the ways God is at work in the NT.  It is an enormous privilege to sit with Christian leaders, pastors and emerging church leaders and hear how God has been at work […]

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The gift of friendship

Moving to another culture brings with it many unexpected joys and challenges. CMS missionaries Matt and Jen Lim shared this insight into the blessing of friendship. “This year we couldn’t celebrate our son Obi’s 6th birthday with a party for his group of friends. Instead, we had a small celebration where he got to choose some of his favourite things including banana […]

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Testimony to the long-term impact of gospel ministry

MS missionaries Dan and Liv Webster are serving in Namibia. In this video Dan explains the importance of long-term gospel ministry and the impact of missionaries who have served in Namibia before them. Here they pay tribute to former CMS missionaries Simon and Margie Gillham and explore the lasting nature of their work. Watch the […]

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One day at a time

CMS missionaries Arthur and Tamie Davis serve with the Tanzanian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (TAFES). Their ministry over the past decade has focused on training and equipping student workers while caring for their two small sons. Tamie shares an excerpt from her diary of life in Tanzania for an Aussie missionary with the Eternity newspaper. […]

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Book Review: “Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment”

Book Review by Simon Cowell Allison, Gregg R. 2014. Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment. Crossway. CMS missionaries Simon and Jess Cowell work alongside Italian university students in Bari, Italy. They deal regularly with questions of faith raised from a Roman Catholic perspective, and highly recommend this book for anyone with a particular interest in thoughtful […]

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Planting gospel seeds one conversation at a time

CMS worker E lives in a Muslim-majority country in South Asia. The established church is very small where she lives and being a Christian is hard, especially for local people. She shares some of the gospel connections she has made as she continues to learn language and culture.  I’ve been in my country a little over two years, learning […]

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Building strong leaders for Japan

CMS missionary Kellie Nicholas serves in Japan with KGK, a university Bible group. Here she describes the enjoyment and blessing that has resulted through online training of Christian student leaders.  One of the upsides of doing ministry online is that meetings can be more accessible for students. Recently I started some online leaders’ training via Zoom. All the students in the photo have become leaders of their campus groups this […]

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Reflections on the Homogeneous Unit Principle: part 1 of 4

CMS Director of Training and Development David Williams introduces a series of reflections on the Homogeneous Unit Principle. In this first of four articles, he defines this influential mission idea and gives a history of its development. Part 2 is here. Part 3 is here. We are beginning a series of Checkpoint articles that reflect […]

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Book Review: “Mission Matters: Love says Go”

Book Review by Scott Doran-Sargent  Chester, Tim. 2015. Mission Matters: Love says Go. London: IVP  Mission Matters: Love Says Go has been a staple offering on our CMS Tasmania conference bookstalls for a few years now.     Chester argues that mission is from everywhere to everywhere. Therefore, his focus is not exclusively on what CMS prioritises—long-term cross-cultural mission. However, Chester does say that mission priority should be sending […]

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