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Pray without ceasing

In the Middle East, a number of CMS workers serve in various projects and programs—caring for refugees, sharing life with Muslim families and reading the Bible with local people. These are ministries suffused with prayer. One worker shares a story about her relationship with a refugee family and how the prayers of CMS supporters have been so vital.

My flat mate and I work together with families and women who live in our community. Some are local to our country, some are refugees. We meet with women who follow Jesus but most of those we spend time with are Muslims.

This year both my flatmate and I will be back in Australia on Home Assignment. It’s always hard to leave. But this year it has been particularly difficult.

Ibrahim’s family

There is a sweet Syrian family we’ve known for a few years now. We visit them, tell stories, play games with the children, and share meals. We had a distraught phone call from the mother recently saying that the little boy, Ibrahim*, had fallen five metres off a wall. When we arrived at the hospital, they were taking him in for emergency brain surgery, and his situation was looking very bad.

A WhatsApp army of praying friends and supporters joined together over the next few weeks. My prayer was that God would save Ibrahim’s life, and then give me a chance to share the gospel with him before I left for Australia.

My flat mate gave a booklet of children’s Bible stories for his mum (who is a devout Muslim) to read him in hospital. She did. His older sister asked me if we had other books about Jesus that we could share with them.

God’s healing

Ibrahim made amazing progress and is now at home with his family. But he’s waiting for follow up surgery to replace the skull bone they had to remove.

When I visited, I gave them a children’s Bible. I read the story about the boy Jesus in the temple. The children and their father had so many questions about Jesus! I had the opportunity to explain the death and resurrection of Jesus without even ‘trying’.

My favourite moment was Ibrahim’s surprised question, “He came back alive again!?”

I am so grateful for the prayers of Christians here and in the CMS family who have interceded for Ibrahim and his family. So many people have been praying for him. Praise God for saving this little boy’s life. Please keep praying that Ibrahim and his whole family will know Jesus.

* Name changed for privacy reasons.


Pray for CMS missionaries as they reach out with the gospel in the Middle East asking for more opportunities to share the love of Jesus.