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Gospel needs means gospel opportunities: Checkpoint Spring 2021

CMS NSW & ACT Executive Director, John Lovell, ministered in Spain for many years. He writes:

There is long-term value in ministry to youth in Spain, and great importance in raising up the next generation of servant-hearted followers of Jesus. But most evangelical churches in Spain are small with limited or no youth work. In addition, with so few Bible-believing Christians in the country, youth are very isolated and are much more likely to be criticised for their faith. When we lived in Spain, our daughters knew of no other Christians in their entire high school! Their experience was not unique.

Resource-poor and gospel-poor

Looking at the wider picture, the Bible-teaching churches in Spain have limited resources. Most pastors also work at another job. They have limited access to theological education, training and support.

There is no established pathway into Christian ministry, and economic pressures and concerns make ministry quite unattractive to potential future leaders—especially younger people. This underscores the importance and value of the sort of youth work the Snowdons are doing. But while needs are great, there are also many
opportunities and avenues to support Spanish Christians. Here are three:

• Youth ministry, supporting the work among high school students (for example through GBE, the organisation Mike works for)
• Teaching Bible courses (like the one we were involved in, MOCLAM) to train, mentor and support pastors and gospel workers in universities
• Planting and pastoring churches.

Ministry in Spain is hard, often with small numbers and slow progress. But there is great value in taking a long-term approach to serving and supporting Spanish