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The gift of friendship

Moving to another culture brings with it many unexpected joys and challenges. CMS missionaries Matt and Jen Lim shared this insight into the blessing of friendship.

“This year we couldn’t celebrate our son Obi’s 6th birthday with a party for his group of friends. Instead, we had a small celebration where he got to choose some of his favourite things including banana bread, chicken nuggets and building Lego with a good friend who came over as a surprise!  

Whilst chatting with our close friends Takako and Fumi, we discovered that they first seriously started studying English when they met us, in order to build a friendship with us! We are so touched and humbled by their efforts and friendship. We thank God for wonderful friends in Japan!” 

CMS missionaries commit to learning language and culture when they arrive on location to prepare them for effective long-term ministry. What a remarkable gift to make new friends who were willing to go out of their comfort zone and learn English to connect with them too. 


Give thanks to God for friends who were willing to join Matt and Jen in learning a language. Pray for all CMS missionaries to be blessed with good friends on location.