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How I became a missionary in Japan: an interview with Kellie Nicholas

CMS missionary Kellie Nicholas has served in Japan since 2007. Here Paddy Benn and Aaron Smith (from the ‘Aspire’ podcast) interview her about how she went from being a struggling high school language student to a missionary among students in Japan. 

Kellie says: “I knew that Jesus was my Saviour, but I hadn’t quite clicked that Jesus needed to be my Lord…” In this podcast Kellie explains how she committed her life to Jesus in Year 12 of high school, then outlines how God guided her to her current situation ministering in Japan.  

‘There is [a] huge need for the gospel in other places that I hadn’t realised before… somebody needs to [go]’. 

Listen to the interview, part of the ‘Aspire’ podcast series, and be encouraged by the thoughtful and prayerful process that Kellie describes in her path to mission. Kellie reminds us that introverts, too, can be successful missionaries! 

You can sign up for Kellie’s prayer letter here.