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Middle East church ministry continues during COVID

CMS workers John and Deb serve in a church in the Middle East. For some time now it has been impossible to meet physically because of Coronavirus. But they continue to see people coming to know Jesus. 

When we arrived, we thought our part of the Middle East only had two seasons: hot and very hot! But as we have listened to the regional radio broadcasts, we have added local knowledge. Apparently, there is also snake season, fog season and rainy season—the latter meaning it may rain enough to make the roads damp twice, within a few weeks. 

Whatever the season, ministry continues. 

In this second year of the pandemic, a season we long to be over, ministry is continuing but with challenges. 

Online ministries 

Because of COVID, online ministries are a massive area we are continuing to focus on each week. Restrictions mean that we can’t meet together in person yet. Church is held online in two time slots on Fridays, 9am and 11am when people can tune in to our services. At these times ‘the congregation’ can engage with others through our chat channels on CHOP (Church Online Platform), Facebook, and YouTube. We have teams of volunteers and staff who ‘host’ these services by interacting with those online.  

We are also running ministries to children and youth online, as well as continuing online with our  teaching classes/courses and Bible study groups.  

It is harder to connect using these sorts of ministries. But we continue to be grateful we can run them, and help members and visitors to keep their eyes on Jesus. We are also deeply encouraged that God continues to draw people to himself even through this difficult season. 

Coming to Christ 

A young British woman, Hannah*, accepted Jesus very recently. She had been taken to church by her parents, but had never made her own commitment to Christ.  

COVID caused her to rethink. She courageously contacted our church, saying she wanted to explore the Christian faith. She joined a small group and let the leader know a little of her background. The leader arranged to meet with her, to answer questions, and share about the need to accept Jesus. And she did! 


Thank God that in difficult times, God continues to draw people to know his son. Pray that Hannah will grow in her love and trust of Jesus.  

* Name changed for privacy reasons.