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Some genuinely good news from Timor-Leste

In times of Coronavirus, it can be easy to overlook the continuing good news of gospel progress in many places. Here is one recent and continuing story from CMS missionaries Chris & Grace Adams, serving in Timor-Leste. 

Many CMS supporters will be familiar with The Big Picture Story Bible. It is a wonderful resource for teaching children the story of God’s promises and how they find their fulfilment in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Recently CMS missionaries Chris & Grace Adams, Scripture Union TL and the Christians of Timor-Leste, had cause to celebrate the official launch of The Big Picture Bible in the local Tetun language. It was the culmination of several years of hard work.  

Leaders from about 25 different church denominations and Christian organisations gathered to give thanks to God for this book and those involved in the publication process. Pastor Carlos, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church and the President of the Scripture Union TL, was overjoyed to see the leaders of these denominations celebrate with this exciting eventIt’s our prayer that SUTL may continue to be a vessel for unity among evangelical churches with the common vision of reaching the next generation with the gospel. 

The committee involved in its translation and publication (of which the Adams are a part) are excited to have reached this stage and look forward to many families benefiting from having a children’s Bible in their heart language. Chris and Grace write: 

“We were encouraged by the vision of some of the committee members to see Timorese families reading the Bible to their children at home, a radical picture in our context. We have dreamed and prayed that Christians would be an agent for change towards forming a ‘reading’ culture for the new generation.” 

At the book launch, it was affirmed to the SU ministry team that ‘The Big Picture Story Bible’ and our publication ministry meet a great need in the church and society for Tetun literature. Pastor Adaun who gave a message at the launch described it as a ‘blank page that needs to be filled.’ Please pray that we may continue to serve the church and society through our publications and that God may grant eternal fruit through them.

You can see a brief video of the October 2020 launch here 


Chris and Grace would love people to pray that this new resource will be well-used, and that both children and adults will grow in biblical literacy and knowledge of God’s grace. Sign up to their prayer points here.