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Scattered from our city

CMS workers M O, share the story of a believer who rejoiced in God’s plandespite losing his job and being forced to return to his home country. 

In the book of Acts, believers from Jerusalem experienced persecution and so found themselves forced to leave the city. We read in Acts 8:4, Those who were scattered went about preaching the word”. 

While we’re not experiencing persecution as those believers did, we are indeed seeing a scattering.  

Here in our city, due to Coronavirus, many have lost their jobs or been put on significantly reduced pay. Unlike many places, though, losing your job here means the loss of your visa, and you will almost certainly have to move back to your home country. Many church members have had to leave the country in the past months.  

God at work through his Word 

The book of Acts, however, has been an encouragement to us during this time. One brother, before leaving last week, sent an email to our church leaders sharing this: 

After all this time of praying, fasting and looking for the Lord’s plan in my life, it became more clear week after week of studying and hearing the preaching on the book of Acts that the Lord was leading me through his merciful plan for me, and finally last Friday when heard the sermon, then all was clear regarding the Lord’s plan in my life.

Our brother then shared his plans to join his family in Central Asia and his hopes to see, or even plant, a gospel-preaching church there: 

I see the need [in Central Asia] of planting the seed and sharing the gospel as there is not a single Evangelical Christian church or community where my family home base is located. Now I see clearly that all this time, during the last years and through hardships and situations the Lord has been preparing me to be his servant in that place. 

It was a huge encouragement to see this brother, and many others, trusting the Lord amidst transitions and being scattered, and we are praying that the Lord would use them all powerfully where they have been sent. 

A personal encouragement 

This email especially was an encouragement for us too, after seven months where we have felt very limited in our ability to connect with and encourage others. Reading it gave us a real thats why were here moment and led us to pray that God would continue to use his word here, as he used the book of Acts in our church, and that it would spread from here to many nations. 

Thank you to CMS supporters for your prayer and encouragement. God is answering those prayers and building his church! 


Be assured that in times of crisis such as those caused by Coronavirus, God continues to work and use testing times to grow his kingdom.