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Gospel conversations anywhere, anytime

CMS workers L & I have a particular interest in telling Bible stories and speaking of Jesus to those in the Middle East. But even when based in Melbourne, as part of the training team at St Andrew’s Hall, cross-cultural opportunities abound. The interactions in this story took place just before Coronavirus lockdown began.

I was catching the bus on my way to St Paul’s Cathedral, to help run a morning of Bible Story Telling training, and praying for God to put me next to someone seeking the truth. A smartly dressed lass sat down and I commented on the M. Scott Peck book she was reading.

Had she read any of his other works? I asked and I mentioned a few titles, as she took notes. “What are you reading?” she asked.

“A book on telling stories – would you like to hear a Bible story?” With her agreement, I launched into Luke 8—Jesus healing the demoniac.

“You know,” she said, “My husband and I have both got good jobs since studying in the UK and have settled down here, have two children, but now that we have the material things of life sorted, house, job, family, we’re wondering what really is the purpose of life. It’s really lucky we sat down together.”

“Not luck,” I said, and she gladly accepted a booklet of testimonies that ends with the Gospel of John. I added my and I’s mobile numbers (to helpfully communicate “I’m safe, I’ve got a wife”) and said, “We’d love to continue the conversation, do give us a call and drop in on us.”

But just to remind me to persist in prayer, on the next train trip as we went on to St Andrew’s Hall (at its temporary location in Hawthorn), our conversation with those we sat next to led nowhere. The couple firmly refused our offer of a story, even though he regaled me with how our society was in rapid moral decline because people no longer had any spiritual roots!


Thank God that cross-cultural gospel opportunities abound, and pray that God would provide you with occasions to speak boldly of him.