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Review: Where to Start with Islam: A new approach to engaging with Muslim friends by Samuel Green

Samuel Green, 2019, Where to Start with Islam: A new approach to engaging with Muslim friends. Matthias Media.

Review by Gordon Cheng
Editor at CMS Australia

Australian Christian and writer Samuel Green is a man well placed to write a book about sharing Jesus with Muslim friends. He has spent most of his ministry life engaging directly with Muslim believers and debaters about their understandings (and misunderstandings) of the Bible’s teaching. He does this as a convinced Christian who is himself involved in regular pastoral and teaching ministry, which means that his book is first and foremost pastoral rather than academic.

Green’s starting point is to address Christians first, by asking what the Christian response to Islam is, and where to begin. The other questions he asks in his first chapter are good for us to hear: ‘Do you love Muslims?’ ‘Do you love Christians?’ and ‘Do you believe the gospel?’

In this book you will certainly find some sections that are both complex and detailed—for one can’t write off-handed generalisations about a religion that is 14 centuries old and counts nearly 2 billion people as its followers. Yet the real beauty of Green’s book is that it will drive you back to the gospel itself for the most important answers and responses.

CMS workers Warwick and Caroline, based in the Middle East, have a simple and straightforward recommendation: “We used Samuel Green’s material for training workers in our ME location and we found it invaluable.”

This, together with Tony Payne’s Islam in our Backyard (also from Matthias Media) make a brilliant starting point for anyone who wants to share Jesus with our many Muslim neighbours.