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How has being vulnerable opened doors?

CMS missionaries answer the question: “How has being vulnerable opened doors?”

Getting your car window smashed may sound traumatic but we rate this as one of the best things that has happened to us in our first 12 months on Groote.  

One Sunday night the rear window of our 4wd has been smashed, presumably by young kids trying to steal our car. What do we do? How do we get it fixed? How long is it going to take? How much is it going to cost?   

The next day after visiting a few people and talking to them about it I remember that Gayangwathe elderly church leader, has the exact same car in her front yard which looks like it slowly being stripped for parts. I drop in, and after telling her the story, I ask whose car it is and whether I could buy the window.  

“No, no, no,” she said, “It’s my car, you just take the window.”   

Before this we were struggling to make any headway in our relationship with GayangwaThe smashed window gave us the opportunity to be vulnerable with her and this is significant in a place where non-Aboriginal people come with all the resources and all the answers and depend on no one but themselves. It gave us a chance to depend on her and gave her the chance to bless us. As a result, our relationship has taken a giant step forward. 

  – Matt & Kate Vinicombe serving in North Australia 


An extremely awkward situation arose very early one night in the Bible study group I lead.  I was struggling to both remain apolitical and maintain the peace between two women of strongly opposed political views when one of them, highly offended, stood to leave. Because the problem was essentially political, I knew that if she went, getting her back would prove very difficult. But I was at a loss to know at that instant how to act. Another lady, of sometimes annoyingly simple faith, piped up with a heartfelt, “But we don’t want you to go”. The woman stayed, the two were able to make up without talking politics and that was that. Later I was able to thank my dear sister for having saved the group where I was helpless, which greatly encouraged her to see that God could use her. There is a very tense and divisive political situation in Chile at the moment, but God is using these times of hurt and helplessness to bring people together. 

 – Frances Cook serving in Chile