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Lasting hope lasts during COVID

CMS workers M & L, located in SE Asia, provided this brief but inspiring message about one of the people they are ministering to in their location. It is a reminder that while the world may be in pandemic lockdown, the gospel is unchained. 

We wanted to share with you this wonderful testimony from our brother Dan (not his real name), a member of our Bible study ‘growth group’ at the college where I (M) work. Dan says: 

“In the place where I lived, so many people lived under the deceit of the devil…In the past my family was like any other family, worshipping our ancestors. Until one day my family heard about the gospel and my whole family accepted our Father: my mum and dad, my sister and me…I now feel peace and joy in life. Before believing, my life was hopeless, and I sometimes felt like my life had no meaning…I felt like there was no hope for my life ever to be happy…I now long for the people around me to believe in Jesus and for him to save them and be Lord of their lives.” 

Dan comes from a province in our country where there are very few believers. We thank God for the evidence of his work in Dan’s life. 


Remember to thank God that his gospel is not bound, and ask that through young men like Dan, many others will come to faith.