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SAH redevelopment update: Foundations


We thank God that in the middle of the current COVID-19 crisis, building at St Andrew’s Hall (SAH) can continue safely. The slab for the basement has been finished and the formwork for the ground floor has begun.

We are excited that the foundations for the physical building are being laid. But we are especially thankful that the training at SAH is foundational in preparing missionaries for the shocks and surprises they will encounter in crossing a culture. It’s an essential part of how CMS fulfils the vision of a world that knows Jesus.

CMS missionary Josh Apieczonek, who trained at SAH with Susannah in 2014, describes their training there as a precious, powerful time of reflection, realignment, learning and living together. He says “it’s like a partial vaccination against foot-in-mouth missiological practices, and taught us always to listen and ask questions before critiquing or judging.”


Pray that construction will continue on time, on budget and safely. Continue to pray for the CMS trainees in Melbourne, who are learning remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions.