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Giving thanks – Maurice Betteridge

We praise the Lord for the life of Maurice Betteridge, who died 25 May, aged 92.  Maurice was well cared for by the staff in Hedley Sutton aged care facility and supported by his daughter Joanna and son Peter, and also by Jill Wilson (she and her late husband Bp John had been with the Betteridges in Ridley) and David and Margie Mills, whom the Lord blessed through the Betteridges in their years at the university in Armidale.  Maurice mourned the passing of his wife Jacqueline (she died in 2016) and was finding life difficult as his health failed.  He was the Federal Secretary of CMS-A from 1973-79, and then God gave him the role of Principal of Ridley College from 1979-92.

Arrangements are still being made for a service to glorify God and to honour Maurice for his service to the Lord and to His people

We ask God to grant to Joanna and Peter and to us all who knew and loved Maurice His comfort and grace in our bereavement, and His guidance and wisdom in preparing for the service of Thanksgiving for Maurice’s life.