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COVID Isolation and Christ

CMS missionary Maggie Crewes serves with Retrak in Cambodia. Here she speaks of the strangeness and comfort of the recent COVID-19 Easter.

Easter 2020 was one to remember! No physical church services as we practised ‘loving our neighbour’ by isolating ourselves in our little corners of the world to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Here’s what it made me think of: Jesus also was ‘isolated’ on the cross, on our behalf—the anguish he felt at being separated from his Father, the isolation of the tomb.

Yet it was through his isolation and separation and suffering on the cross, that he bought us life.

In the midst of the increasingly shocking COVID statistics from around our world, we have so much for which to give thanks.

First and foremost we give thanks for Jesus’ work on the cross that has brought us back to God, when otherwise we were doomed to the short whisper of life on this planet, and then eternal separation from our God for all time.

We can surely sing ‘Death, where is your sting?’!

I remain in Cambodia in these uncertain times. Please pray that I could share the amazing resurrection hope of life in Christ—restored relationship with our Father God, knowing we belong and are safe and secure in his hands—no matter what this earthly life might dish up to us.


Thank God that he has given resurrection hope to Maggie, and pray that she will continue to minister that hope to others in Cambodia.