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Four resources for encouraging Spanish-speaking teens in their walk with Jesus

CMS missionaries Mike and Tania Snowdon work with high school students in Valencia, Spain. Although many Spanish people are cynical about organised religion, God is at work,  helping young people encounter Jesus through his Word. Here Mike shares four types of resources for people interested in reaching Spanish-speaking young people for Christ.

Bible Studies

15 Minutos (15 minutes) is a series of short bible studies designed to help students read the Bible together inductively in the short time they have in their school recesses.


Songs are a great way to help teens to joyfully sing God’s word together. One example is No Nos Avergonzamos (We Are Not Ashamed).


Videos help teens engage with God’s word in a fun interactive way. Some good ones are Panoaeróbicos (Panoaerobics) and Por qué hablar de Jesús (Why Talk About Jesus).


I’ve been working on books written for teens, like Una Nueva Libertad (A New Freedom) helping teens to see and live out the goodness of God’s word by engaging with various topics like work, suffering and identity. Una Nueva Libertad is scheduled to be published in 2020.

This article is an appendix to Mike Snowdon’s article in Checkpoint Autumn 2020, which will be linked here when published.