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Review: Alice and the King’s Quest by David and Emily Grace

Alice and the King’s Quest, 2017. David and Emily Grace. Imani Publishing Australia.

Review by Naomi Jones
Editorial Coordinator at CMS-A

Alice and the King’s Quest is a story that helps explain long-term mission to young kids. The story is a parable about how God (the King) loves everyone in the whole world, and how he calls on ordinary Christians (like Alice), to tell people who don’t yet know him, about Jesus and his love.

The King decides to throw a party and invite everyone in the kingdom to tell them how much he loves them—including the people in ‘Farawayville’. But who will give them their invitations? Alice, an ordinary knight, puts up her hand and says she will go. She tells her friends and family, and she goes to live and work with the people in Farawayville. The story ends with the King hosting his party and showing all the people, including some from Farawayville, how much he loves them. It is a great love that is “even more than Alice could have ever imagined”.

Alice and the King’s Quest was written by a missionary couple to help explain to their nieces and nephews why they were going to work overseas. The book has simple language and concepts and bright, engaging illustrations.

My daughter (now five) has enjoyed reading this story for a few years. She especially loves to trace the journey Alice takes to get to Farawayville – ‘down the river; through the forest, over the mountains and across the plains…” We often refer back to it if we are talking about God’s mission, the work of missionaries like Alice, and also the role of those who partner in prayer, care and financial support for those who go. At the end of the story you will find questions, answers and key Bible passages to help you talk about God’s mission for the world with your kids.

It is a great story to help children explore why people would leave their home country and their family and friends, and go to another culture to share God’s love.

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