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Review: Becoming Global—Integrating Global Mission and Your Local Church: A practical Approach

CMS missionary Wim Prins reviews Bruce Dipple’s book, Becoming Global – Integrating Global Mission and Your Local Church: A Practical Approach (SMBC, 2011):

Keeping a global perspective on God’s Kingdom work can be quite a challenge. For more than 20 years Bruce Dipple has worked with local churches in the expansion of their mission programs. This book will help churches get involved in mission, or to develop an intentional strategy for becoming even more engaged.

While building on a biblical theology of mission, this ‘manual’ delves into the nitty-gritty of showing faith through finance, providing practical care, growing future cross-cultural gospel workers, maturing a praying church, preparing a short-term mission trip and developing a mission program.

Church leaders and mission supporters will find that this resource provides more than enough material to start or continue motivating and training their local churches from the inside out.

These 138 pages are jam-packed with wisdom, experience, and a wealth of resources and guidance, presented in an attractive format – highly recommended!

Bruce Dipple says, “Within the local churches lies the future of CMS—so it is in the local church that we need to cultivate a biblical and practical commitment to our role in today’s world.”