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Review: The Book of Books

The Book of Books, Geoff Robson. (Matthias Media)

How can we not only get the Bible into the hands of our non-believing friends, but actually encourage them to read it for themselves, and help them to read it with understanding?

The Book of Books is written with a view to doing just that! It is a handy resource for anyone who is asking serious questions about the Christian faith and the Bible. It is easy to read and short (just 70 pages), and is written with the conviction that anyone who takes up the Bible, and is seriously willing to engage with its message, will find it really has the power to transform lives.

It’s clear that from the arresting opening illustration that Robson is keen to lead us straight into the main purpose of the book: to open up what (or whom) the Bible is really all about – that is, Jesus, and the salvation that God has brought to the world in and through him. In a sweeping overview, Robson then traces the amazing storyline that runs like a thread throughout the whole Bible, and which points us unavoidably to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Robson doesn’t sidestep the main questions that any serious enquirer will bring to the Bible: Can I trust the Bible? Is it historically accurate? Do we have an accurate translation of what was originally written? The book deals with these important questions, however this is done largely in the appendix in order to avoid distracting readers from the main purpose of the book. Another appendix then gives a brief introduction to the 66 books that make up the Bible.

While there are already a number of books that serve as sound introductions to the Bible, the brevity of this little book makes it very attractive as a giveaway for non-believers. It serves as a strong encouragement to any interested enquirer to take up and read the ‘book of books’ for themselves.

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