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Review: Munguishi Weavings—Tales of a Term in Tanzania

Munguishi Weavings: Tales of a Term in Tanzania—Lynne Clarke

Checkpoint Summer 2009–2010 features a little of Lynne Clarke’s amazing story: flicking through a CMS Victoria newsletter, she came across an ad for a short-term teacher at Munguishi Bible College in north east Tanzania. Before she knew it, she was off on the adventure of a lifetime!

Armed with her theological textbooks and a pair of binoculars for bird-watching—her favourite hobby—she set out for a country she knew little about, trusting that God would guide her steps.

The result is a book of irresistible wit and charm, punctuated by Lynne’s own pen-and-ink drawings, which only add to the whimsy. Whether you’re a seasoned African traveller or a total Tanzanian novice, you won’t fail to be delighted by Lynne’s vivacious tale of the challenges and delights of a very different culture, and a people who respond to hardships with irrepressible joy.

All proceeds from the sale of Munguishi Weavings will support staff housing and other needs at Munguishi Bible College.