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Working in God’s harvest field

How does a worker both respect the government regulations in their location and also heed God’s call to work in his harvest field? One of our workers speaks about shining God’s light in a country where outreach is limited.

Probably the biggest shaper of outreach strategies in my location is the prevailing political system which effectively bans outreach. How can our Father’s light shine in such an environment? How can workers reach out in love? How can they be a channel for our Father’s light without jeopardising the years invested in trying to be transparent and adhere to government regulations? There appear to be two key factors:

  1. We are here to do a job (teach English) and we need to do this as professionally as we can so that our work ethic and diligence will be a silent witness to how much we value the local people with whom we have the privilege of interacting.
  2. We need to humbly wait on our Father’s prompting as he opens doors, perhaps conversations outside of class, and respond with love and care as these conversations pan out. This is his harvest field and we need to be tuned into what he is doing here even if the outwards signs are not so obvious. Our Father is not in the business of playing games—he has a purpose for us to be here.

In short, there isn’t much active, deliberate outreach strategy here. It is more a matter of waiting on our Father and responding as he opens opportunities. However, we can try to draw alongside students and form sincere relationships with them. We can also look for opportunities in the set curriculum materials where class discussion could be steered onto an ethics issue, or maybe something that has a unique Christian perspective.

May our Father give us ongoing wisdom and discernment to tread wisely as we seek to serve him. May we be used as he sees fit.


Pray for workers in locations where ministry and outreach are limited by government regulations. Pray that they would form genuine relationships with people and be alert to opportunities to share the good news. Thank God for their willingness to follow his calling to these locations.