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First steps of mission

Bethany Vaughan is in her first term as a CMS missionary serving in Cambodia. Checkpoint asked her about what approach she takes to sharing the gospel with people in her location. Even though her language and cultural understanding is still in the early stages of learning, Bethany was able to share about the way she forms relationships and takes every opportunity that the Lord puts before her.

Since arriving in Cambodia eight months ago, I have tried to spend time building relationships with local people. One way has been through walking most nights with a group of ladies from my neighbourhood. Through this, they have come to know me, and as my language develops, we have been able to start to share events in our lives. I’ve been able to join in birthday parties, anniversaries or just spend time sitting outside their houses. I have bought bananas, cold drinks, cooking oil, eggs, meat and even prawns.

Now I find that they feel comfortable with me. They are very aware that I am a Christian and go to a local Khmer church. I have told them that I go to Bible study each week. I have given out some Bible story books and Khmer Christian tracts. They have even helped me when I had to learn some Khmer church songs. We sang them together in the street. Some of these women have already come to church with me. I believe, even in this early phase of life here, that God is using me to soften them towards himself. I will keep silently praying for them as we walk.


Caring for missionaries is an important part of supporting them as they cross cultures to take the message of Jesus Christ to those who don’t yet know him. New missionaries, in particular, face a lot of change, confusion and upheaval when they first arrive and begin the process of settling into a new country while learning language and culture. Sending a message to your link missionary or a new missionary asking them how their week is going, telling them about yours and letting them know that you are praying for them can be a great encouragement.


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