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Pray with purpose: PrayerMate review

The PrayerMate mobile app could reinvigorate and revolutionise your prayer life, writes Elisabeth Carter.

Do you find it difficult to keep track of all the prayer points you want to bring before the Lord each day? You may find PrayerMate helpful.

PrayerMate is a mobile app designed to assist Christians in praying regularly and with focus.

It features ‘cards’ – enabling you to list the things you want to pray for – and automatically rotates these cards each day. If a friend or colleague asks for your prayers, it’s simple to open the app and create a new card for their prayer points.

One of the best features is the ability to subscribe to a feed of prayer points created by different organisations – including CMS! A notification of new prayer points can then be sent direct to your smartphone. If you want to be reminded to pray for CMS and world mission every day through PrayerMate, follow these instructions:

How to get CMS monthly prayer points on PrayerMate:

1.     Download and open the PrayerMate app on your smartphone or tablet device (available through the App Store or Google Play)

2.     Tap ‘Add’ down the bottom

3.     Tap ‘Subscribe to feed’

4.     Under ‘Categories’, tap ‘Mission and Bible Translation’

5.     Scroll down to CMS Australia, and tap to open our profile

6.     Scroll down and tap ‘Subscribe to this feed’

7.     Tap ‘Lists’ at the bottom of the screen, and scroll along to the list where CMS Australia appears. Tap this card

8.     On this prayer card, tap the settings cog

9.     Under ‘Scheduling’, change priority to ‘Every time’

10.  Now each day you open PrayerMate, you’ll receive the CMS prayer points for that day!

PrayerMate is available through the App Store or Google Play. For more information visit


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