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Bringing Lasting Hope

CMS workers are committed to bringing lasting hope to gospel-poor people groups all over the world. Here two workers share how their passion to share the good news of Christ led them into long-term cross-cultural mission:

Kelly Landrigan, serving in France

As a new Christian, I remember hearing for the first time that there were people in the world who would go from birth to death and never get to hear about Jesus. I was shocked. I started thinking (and fearing!) that God might want me to do something about that.

After going to Bible College I moved to Newcastle (from Sydney) to work in full-time ministry. It seemed to me that the decision about mission wasn’t just a once-off decision, but one I ought to keep making. So every couple of years I prayed seriously about whether long-term mission might be how I could best serve God.

At one of the times I was praying, I realised that the reasons which had stopped me up until then were either no longer there or weren’t as compelling, and so I began a conversation with CMS. At that point I wasn’t sure at all – I just hoped I’d be willing if CMS thought it was a good idea! CMS has lots of experience and I trusted they’d help me work out whether I was ‘suited’, and that they would be willing to say no if they didn’t think I was. And even more than this I trusted in God’s sovereignty. I used the process of applying to CMS to become a missionary, to get an answer to whether cross-cultural mission might be the best way I could serve God. I just kept taking the next step, and over the many conversations, came to a point where I decided that if CMS said yes, then I’d go. And now, here I am in France! Do you need to take the next step and have a conversation with CMS?

C, serving with S in the Middle East

When I was at university, I heard a CMS missionary speak about working overseas. I decided right then that I would never be a missionary! But as I continued to hear the Bible taught and as we continued to pray for our missionaries, my eyes were opened to the needs of many to hear the good news.

After my husband and I were married, we began praying together that God might use us in his work of bringing people to himself. It was a simple prayer, but it would change everything for us.

We were part of a prayer group for South America for two years. We saw the Field family leave for their first term in Argentina and the Coxes head to St Andrews Hall before going on to Bolivia. We were challenged as we saw people going out and we wanted to go too. We started chatting with CMS and said we wanted to go – maybe to South America. But we ended up in the Middle East! We had both been involved with Muslims in our previous jobs and in our community. We saw a huge need for them to know Jesus and CMS was keen for us to go! Are you praying for God to use you in his mission?


You can have the joy of helping CMS missionaries share the good news about Jesus with gospel-poor people around the world. Give to the CMS Lasting Hope Appeal today – deadline is 30 June. Donate now at


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