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Go where it’s hard

The beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya earlier this year sharply awoke us to the reality of what it means for so many in this world to answer Jesus’ call to take up their cross and follow him (Matt 16:24).

Faced with such opposition it is easy to be tempted to give up; however, we do not lose heart. In the midst of hostility God remains in control, drawing people to himself. That was the clear message shared by CMS workers at CMS Victoria’s Young Adult Winter Dinner in August.

They challenged all who were present to be willing to invest in long-term ministry in dangerous places. We must go to dangerous places, for there live the gospel poor, where access to the good news of Jesus is lowest; and we must make the long-term investment in people who are willing to learn the language and culture and build deep relationships.

What are the signs of hope? New media technologies are opening doors in places otherwise closed to the gospel. “Each month over 70,000 people visit our partner’s evangelistic website, from all over the Middle East,” they told us.

One man went to great lengths, flying internationally, in search of a Bible and someone to explain it to him; while another – a high profile Muslim television personality – is using the evangelistic website to find out more about what Christians believe in order to advocate for the minority Christian communities in his country. “It was encouraging to celebrate the work that God is doing, despite it being hard,” remarked one guest.

CMS encourages young adults to consider serving in mission across the world, as we are passionate about the world knowing Jesus. If you would like to chat to us further about serving with CMS, please contact your local CMS branch.

Attendees at the CMS Victoria Young Adults dinner.