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Missionary families

The Prins family

Wim and Maaike Prins (with Esther and Tobias) serve in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Wim edits Khmer materials, conducts leadership training and workshops on preparing sermons. Maaike assists with income generation among women in the community and supports Hope International School. Wim and Maaike interviewed their kids, Esther and Tobias, about what it’s like to be on the mission field.

“God sends families to serve Him on the mission field. He has a good plan for your children.” So began the seminar on parenting Missionary Kids (MKs) which we listened to intently in our CMS training before we even had children. It’s been an encouragement, a solid rock and firm foundation to remember over the last 11 years that the Lord has called us, as a family, to live for him here in Cambodia.

Esther and Tobias have been MKs here their whole life. Their passport country of Australia is not their home – but they are not Cambodian. They, like most of their friends are a unique blend, a kaleidoscope of cultures and experiences intimately mixed with their own unique personalities. Our two expert MKs were interviewed and we hope you will enjoy seeing Cambodia through their eyes.

What’s the best thing about being an MK?

E) Making new friends from all over the world.

T) Having such a big garden.

What’s school like for you?

E) Our building is big and we share it with another Cambodian community so we stay on the ground floor. My 4/5 class has 10 people in it. There are 60 students in the whole school from Preschool to Grade 9. There are children from Korea, Cambodia, Australia, Netherlands and the US in my class.

T) I have English, German, Chinese, Brazilian, Cambodian, Danish, Australian and Dutch students in my class. My teacher is from Canada.

How do you do church?

Well, we have a home church with some other missionary families on Sunday afternoon. We have Sunday School, which one of the parents does for us. We used to go to a Khmer church but we stopped because the Khmer children were not very nice to us, and it was really hard to understand because we know a little bit of Khmer, but we don’t know that much and we can’t read or write Khmer. We couldn’t understand.

How does God use you here in Cambodia?

God is using our family here in Cambodia because we are an example to our Cambodian friends of how to follow Jesus. Our family encourages other Christians. Our dad and mum do a lot of work with Cambodian people and we are happy to live here because we know that Cambodians are learning about Jesus because we are here.