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2005 Checkpoint Autumn edition

Sending more workers

CMS has committed to work to increase significantly the number of missionaries on location. Why and how should we do this?

2005 Checkpoint Autumn edition

Tips for getting on the road

Thinking about serving somewhere else? Checkpoint asked some CMS missionaries what advice they would give to people thinking of going.

2005 Checkpoint Autumn edition

Choosing a mission agency

Checkpoint asked David Crowe, the State Director of Interserve NSW at that time, how someone thinking about missionary service should go about choosing a mission agency.

2005 Checkpoint Autumn edition

Words - the ABC of missionaries

Wendy Reed, having served in Tanzania, writes about the importance of language learning.

2005 Checkpoint Spring edition

Missiology for dummies

John Thew spends some time talking to Checkpoint about missiology. A good read for a quick grasp of what missiology is all about.

2005 Checkpoint Spring edition

The less things change

What do you do when you come from a culture that values change and you are working in a culture that values constancy? Greg Anderson writes.

2005 Checkpoint Spring edition


Missiological issues

2005 Checkpoint Spring edition

Privileged to serve

She had done her homework before she went to Tanzania but Amy Vink was still not prepared for the questions that came with serving and living amongst the poor.

2005 Checkpoint Spring edition

More than medicine

Should we be sharing the gospel or meeting the material needs of the poor? Berega Hospital in Tanzania does both. Steve and Kate Bradford write.

2005 Checkpoint Spring edition

Mission in a hybrid culture

Globalisation is bringing 'local' and 'global' into an unpredictable mix. How does this affect mission? Andrew Buchanan writes.

2005 Checkpoint Winter edition

Crazy February

In Mexico City, February is known as 'Febrero loco' or 'Crazy February'. Charlie Fletcher gives a glimpse of this month in student ministry with Companerismo Estudiantil (Compa).

2005 Checkpoint Winter edition

Changing Direction

Victor was an atheist who was not looking for God but then the unexpected happened. Jane Peters asks Victor about his life and ministry.

2005 Checkpoint Winter edition

Encountering the risen Lord

When the risen Jesus met his disciples he pointed them back to the word and promise of God, John Thew writes.

A new reformation?

Terry Blowes writes.

2005 Checkpoint Winter edition

Books: tools for change

Certeza Argentina has now published more than a hundred titles. It all started with some students duplicating Bible studies, Elspeth Collie writes.

2005 Checkpoint Winter edition

Lives transformed in Renca

Lesley Doy has been serving in Chile for 9 years and in 2004 she started teaching English with the Anglican Church in Renca. Meet three of her students.

2005 Checkpoint Winter edition

Bible course takes off in Latin America

When Grahame and Patty Scarratt went to Chile in 1980 they never intended to introduce a new Bible course to Latin America.

2005 Checkpoint Winter edition

Church planting in Antofagasta

Moving from a school to a hotel to its own site, Bruce and Bron Hallyburton's church is building itself a new home.


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