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2007 Checkpoint Autumn edition

Created in God's image

Ans van der Zwaag is involved in an outreach ministry amongst female sex workers in South Africa. She writes about visiting brothels to tell women about Jesus, and the challenge to see these ladies as God does, created in his image.

2007 Checkpoint Autumn edition

Being a Christian in France

Sandra King and Owen Chadwick write about the challenges French converts face living in a society that is largely ignorant of and indifferent to the gospel.

2007 Checkpoint Autumn edition

Poverty - the challenge for Christians everywhere

Owen Lewis writes about the overwhelming challenge of caring for the poor, and Amanda Jackson from Micah Challenge answers questions about how Christians can address the problem of poverty.

2007 Checkpoint Autumn edition

The challenge of culture

Less than 2% of Japan's population are Christians. Checkpoint interviews Maiko Watanabe about the challenge she faces when her traditional Japanese culture conflicts with living as a Christian.

2007 Checkpoint Summer edition

Partners in the gospel

Tips for praying for mission work around the world.

2007 Checkpoint Summer edition

What do you take for granted?

Samantha Archer writes about learning to pray in a new culture.

2007 Checkpoint Summer edition

Starting a Mission Prayer Group

A CMS member who was inspired to start a mission prayer group speaks to Checkpoint about her experience.

2007 Checkpoint Summer edition

The role of prayer in mission

Prayer has always played an integral role in seeing lives transformed by Christ. Paul Arnott writes about the extraordinary gift God has given us in prayer.

2007 Checkpoint Summer edition

If we want our kids to pray, we must pray

Shannon Harmer and Ruth Newmarch write about praying with children and youth.

2007 Checkpoint Summer edition

Devote yourselves to prayer

Missionaries reflect on how God answers both the ordinary details of life, and in extraordinary and unexpected ways.


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