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Crossing Cultures

Missionaries know all about leaving behind the culture that they are familiar with and living as foreigners somewhere else. But as John Thew writes, even if we never leave our birthplace, none of us are truly at home.

Jesus and African Traditional Religions

Why are Tanzanians so aware of a spiritual world? How does Jesus answer their deepest questions? Colin Reed takes a look at African Traditional Religions.

Mission Book Reviews

Multiple book reviews on various popular mission books.

Proclaiming Christ in a Pluralist World

Michael Collie's address to the CMS-Victoria Spring Dinner, 3rd October 2009.

The Buddhism of Cambodia

Cambodia's unique style of Buddhism is deeply embedded in the nation's psyche. Inpa Eliezer explores the religion which lies at the nation's heart.

What is Contextualisation?

The transcript from the Bush Church Aid Mission Australia Address 2001 by John Harrower, Bishop of Tasmania.

Where to Next?

CMS Victoria's State Director Paul Arnott, speaking at the AGM and Annual Dinner.

  • How is CMS in Victoria Mobilising for Mission?
  • What are the key things that we need to do over the next five years to mobilise for mission?
  • What are some of the major changes in cross-cultural mission around the world in 2005?
Why send missionaries to Tanzania?

Why send missionaries to Tanzania? Hasn’t the job been done? After all – we’ve been sending them there for over 100 years! Colin Reed writes.


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