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Population: 588 million | People Groups: 1,426 | Area: 19.197 million km2 | Countries: 20

God is breathing new life into Latin America. Innovative Bible teaching and discipleship is equipping local Christian leaders, so they can begin to revive and grow the Church. For many people in Latin America religion is a cultural tradition, passed down from colonial ties. Roman Catholicism has long been the most commonly identified faith, however, many people have little knowledge of the Bible or the gospel message. As countries across the region become increasingly secular, some are embracing a strict separation between church and state, which is diminishing the influence of the Church.

Across Latin America the fledgling evangelical Church is at threat from syncretism with indigenous beliefs and liberal theology. There is a great need for Christian leaders to gain solid theological education that will equip them to be confident in their faith and disciple others. Over the past two decades God has been opening doors for CMS to work with local partners in providing theological training in Chile, predominantly through the Centre for Pastoral Studies. Since then the introduction of the flexible MOCLAM distance education program has enabled biblical training to spread into Mexico and Bolivia. God is now paving the way for MOCLAM to increase its reach throughout Latin America and to further develop the evangelical Church in this region.

University ministry is another key avenue through which CMS missionaries are working to create lasting change in the lives of students and, in turn, in the life of the Church. At this opportune time, as students seek direction and meaning, there are openings to teach them about God’s word. Similarly, in church ministry, our workers are encouraging believers, through discipleship and training, to commit themselves to God and to the Church in Latin America.


CMS personnel are working and/or have worked in the following countries in Latin America. Click on the links to find out more about the gospel needs in these countries.

Argentina | Bolivia | Chile | Mexico

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