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Reach gospel-poor peoples for Christ


We cry out to God because countless millions around the world have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ. As part of our vision for a world that knows Jesus, we have adopted term gospel-poor peoples to provide strategic focus in our commitment to evangelism and church planting.

Gospel-poor peoples refers to people groups who have limited or no opportunity to hear the gospel in their own language and cultural context without outside help.

We want all people to know Jesus. Gospel-poor peoples include those who are yet to hear the gospel, as well as those who once had the gospel but now need re-evangelising.

Many gospel-poor peoples live in our ‘near neighbour’ region. We will therefore develop a greater focus on our near neighbours in the South East Asia and Pacific region.

Our strategy for reaching gospel-poor peoples

With a particular focus on our near neighbours in the South-East Asia and Pacific region, CMS will identify and reach gospel-poor peoples through

  • serving in partnership with churches and organisations in evangelism and church planting among people of different faiths and philosophies
  • providing professional workers who witness for Christ through word and action.

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