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Youth and Children

More than 50% of the world’s population is under 18 years old. Children and youth need to hear the gospel and through schools and youth ministry opportunities are boundless. Through kids clubs, games days, school teaching, youth camps, vocational training, life skills development, ministry to youth and children can bring the gospel to a whole family and community. Children and youth are often vulnerable being caught in webs of poverty and neglect and so need advocates of care and justice. This is true not only of Africa and Asia, but also the indigenous communities of North Australia.

Teachers, youth workers, children’s workers, social workers, bible teachers and others with a passion for children and youth can reach out across the spectrum of culture and religion. Being located in schools, community groups or partnership with the local church, developing ministries for youth and children brings and strengthens gospel ministry. Equipping the local church for children and youth ministries needs well qualified and experienced children and youth workers able to teach and mentor local leaders.

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Category Opportunity Region Duration Print
Education, Youth and Children School Teachers - Tanzania Africa Long Term
Bible and Theology, Local Church Support, Youth and Children Training & Mentoring - DR Congo Africa Long Term
Local Church Support, Youth and Children Youth Ministry - Africa Africa Long Term
Student Ministry, Youth and Children High School Ministry - Japan East Asia Long Term
Student Ministry, Youth and Children High School Ministry - France Europe Long Term
Education, Youth and Children Teachers - Middle East Middle East Long Term or Short Term
International Churches, Youth and Children Youth and Children’s Pastor - Indonesia South East Asia Short Term, 2 years
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