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Throughout the developing world, particularly in Africa and Asia, there are wonderful opportunities for those with technical, trades and IT skills to be trainers and mentors, not only in their skills areas but in leadership, ethics and management that builds the community. This witness to Christ, together with supporting local church initiatives provides vital gospel ministries opportunities in gospel poor areas that are not open to traditional missionary roles. Working in technical areas particularly opens doors to relationships at community level. Opportunities may require local language or English. They are in both the formal training sector, thus requiring qualification and necessary experience for training, but also in informal community development programs.

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Category Opportunity Region Duration Print
Professional, Technical Administration Trainer - Tanzania Africa Long Term
Professional, Technical Agricultural Development - Tanzania Africa Long Term
Education, Technical VET Teachers - Tanzania Africa Long Term
Education, Technical Computer Skills Teacher - Bangladesh South Asia Long Term
Professional, Technical Professionals - Pakistan South Asia Long Term
Technical Vocational Skills Teacher/Trainer - Laos South East Asia Long Term
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