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From schools to universities, opportunities exist to proclaim Christ. Not only in the Christian education sector, but also in the state or private sector where a high value on education opens doors for well qualified teachers and lecturers. Schools and universities where most students are of the majority faith – Islam, Hindu, Secularism – provide a harvest field of gospel ministry and relationships that can make Christ known.

CMS works in education in most countries where we serve. There is an increasing need in Africa, Pacific and SE Asia for University lecturers in fields such as health, education, business, science and humanities. Post Graduate qualifications and experience are needed to help the growing tertiary sector in these nations.
Schools ministry is vital for reaching the children and youth of the world. Not just teachers, but teacher trainers. Providing support for education of missionary children is a vital way of extending the reach of gospel ministry in a nation.

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Education School Teachers - Cambodia South East Asia Long Term and Short Term
Education, Student Ministry University Lecturers - Indonesia South East Asia Long Term
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