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East Asia

The countries of East Asia are home to many peoples with little or no exposure to the gospel. Significant doors of opportunity have opened up for gospel workers in many fields, to strengthen a growing Church in East Asia as it reaches out to local communities with the gospel. In line with the Vision, CMS is committed to sending missionaries to reach gospel-poor peoples in East Asian countries, to equip national Christians to build up the Church. Please see below for current mission opportunities in this region:

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Category Opportunity Region Duration Print
Church Planting, English as a Foreign Language, Local Church Support Church Musicians and English Teachers - East Asia East Asia Short Term
Church Planting Church Planters - Japan East Asia Long Term
Student Ministry, Youth and Children High School Ministry - Japan East Asia Long Term
Professional Occupational Therapist - East Asia East Asia Long Term
Education Primary Teacher- China East Asia Long Term and Short Term
English as a Foreign Language Short Term English Teachers - Japan East Asia Short Term
Student Ministry Student Ministry - East Asia East Asia Long Term
Education Teachers - Japan East Asia Long Tern and Short Term
Education, Student Ministry University Lecturers - East Asia East Asia Long Term
Student Ministry University Student Ministry - Japan East Asia Long Term
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