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Church Planting

The church is central to the purpose of God, to proclaim his gospel and declare his glory in the world. With a particular focus on reaching gospel-poor peoples in our near-neighbour regions, CMS seeks workers who may be deployed in partnership with churches and other organisations in the work of evangelism and church planting among peoples of different faiths and philosophies. CMS has other workers serving in sensitive areas that cannot be listed here.

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Category Opportunity Region Duration Print
Church Planting, English as a Foreign Language, Local Church Support Church Musicians and English Teachers - East Asia East Asia Short Term
Church Planting Church Planters - Japan East Asia Long Term
Church Planting Church Planting - France Europe Long Term
Church Planting Church Planting - Slovenia Europe Long Term
Church Planting Church Planting - Middle East Middle East Long Term
Church Planting Urban Church Planting - North Australia North Australia Long Term
Church Planting Church Planting - Chile Latin America long term
Church Planting, Local Church Support Church Planting- South Asia South Asia Long Term
Bible and Theology, Church Planting Church Planting and Bible Teaching - Vietnam South East Asia Long Term
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