World Day of Prayer for France

1st March 2013

CMS Australia

1 March is the 2013 World Day of Prayer, an inspiring international ministry event encouraging people to pray for critical gospel needs across the world. This year, the focus of this event is France, particularly on spreading the gospel message to French youth. CMS is encouraging people to join with believers all over the world in praying for France, particularly as CMS has missionaries in France working with the GBU (Groupes Biblique Universitaires), an evangelistic on-campus program working with French university students.

The World Day of Prayer is organised by an international committee of women from over 170 countries. It falls on the first Friday of March every year. This year’s focus on France is fuelled by a desire to see the gospel of Jesus Christ introduced to the huge numbers of French people who have never encountered Jesus or Christianity.

45% of French people aged 18 to 25 are self-confessed atheists.

France is a highly de-Christianised society. The government has a particular focus on maintaining a complete separation between religion and the state, meaning that Jesus is rarely proclaimed in government-controlled places, such as schools and universities.

Through the World Day of Prayer, people have also been praying for the Bible Society’s ZeBible program. This program produces short, readable translations of the Bible that appeal to young people who are unfamiliar with reading the Bible. ZeBible is currently developing an online platform to reach the many tech-savvy French young people who have not been introduced to Jesus. Please pray that this platform will help French youth to engage with the Bible afresh.

Many Australians get involved in World Day of Prayer each year. For example, each year, a group of people in regional South Australia gets together for breakfast to participate in the World Day of Prayer. CMS supporter and coordinator Alison Keech says:

‘The three small towns of Koolunga, Yacka and Gulnare combine to hold the World Day of Prayer. It is uplifting to think that there are groups praying into the same situation, like lights shining throughout the day all over the world due to different time zones.”

We encourage you to join in the World Day of Prayer for France. You can pray through the following prayer points from some of the CMS missionaries and affiliates working in France:

Caroline Evenden (currently preparing to serve in student ministry in France):
• The position of General Secretary of the GBU in France is vacant, so ask God to raise up a suitable person for that leadership role
• Pray that the Lord will use his people in France to put God's word in the hands of young people over the years ahead

Paul and Sandra (working with the GBU in eastern France):
• Pray for preparation of the evangelistic theatre presentation The Mark Drama, which presents the Gospel of Mark, to be performed in Strasbourg

Joyce Chu (Affiliate working with the GBU):
• Thank God for the encouraging growth of the student prayer groups

And even if you miss the actual World Day of Prayer, remember that France requires prayer every day of the year! Click here to subscribe to prayer points from CMS missionaries in France

Click here for more information about the World Day of Prayer

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