Nepal Earthquake update

1st July 2015

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UPDATE: 1 July 2015

The rebuilding effort continues in Nepal after two earthquakes on 25 April and 12 May. The official combined death toll from both earthquakes stands at 8,756 as at 1 July, which is the highest death toll on record.

The initial distribution of emergency aid relief is coming to a close, but the focus now moves to building more sturdy and temporary structures to shelter people from the coming monsoon season.

CMS missionary Kate Dalitz shares, “We are starting to help with the rebuilding of schools and health centres. Working with the government is proving very frustrating at times, and the expectations of the community are hard to manage. Pray for wisdom for my International Nepal Fellowship colleagues who are coordinating this relief effort and pray that we can use our resources to care for those who are in most desperate need. My fiancé Bijaya has continued to take on a coordinating role for the Pokhara churches. They are working along side INF and our plan is to continue to share resources and work together as much as possible. Pray that through both INF and the Pokhara churches, people would see something of Jesus.”

Leigh and Tamara Filmer, CMS missionaries, recently shared that "INF is assessing
 longer term community
 development needs as well 
as rehabilitation of people
who have experienced
 disability as a result of the
 earthquake. The 
government has enthusiastically welcomed INF’s involvement and commitment to restoring infrastructure in Gorkha."

CMS missionary Leigh Filmer was also interview by the INF about the relief effort in Nepal. Click here to view his interview.

The most recent earthquake on 12 May hit a remote area east of Kathmandu (close to Mt Everest near the Chinese border) at midday with a magnitude of 7.3, followed by six aftershocks. In Nepal, the earthquake did not impact Pokhara or further west. However, the tremors were felt across northern India (where at least 17 people were killed), China and Bangladesh.

The first earthquake on 25 April was a magnitude of 7.8, with the epicentre in the area between Pokhara and Kathmandu. The impact was felt across the region with significant damage and considerable loss of life in Kathmandu and elsewhere.

How you can help

CMS has been committed to Nepal for many years and we plan to stay committed there for the long haul.

The majority of CMS missionaries in Nepal are involved in long-term health and development work with INF. Kate Dalitz is INF’s Integral Mission Advisor, Ruth Russell, Kirstin Hawkshaw, and Leigh and Tamara Filmer work in the medical field, and Gordon Russell is a civil engineer advising on building projects. Keith and Mary Lou Doe, David and Elizabeth Hamer and Sophia Cameron are involved in education through another of our partners, Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC).

Our missionaries have relationships with many Nepalese people, and are assisting those around them at this time. Their continued presence in Nepal is more important than ever before. Please pray for their ministry at this critical time.

  • Would you also prayerfully consider giving to CMS so that our missionaries can continue to contribute to long-term development as the nation rebuilds? Click here to give (Please be aware that supporting our missionaries is a good long-term response, but money given will not go towards the immediate crisis response).
  • To give specifically to emergency/relief efforts, our partner INF will be receiving funds through Anglican Aid. Click here to give or call 02 9284 1406.

The relief effort is only just beginning. Please pray for the people of Nepal, CMS and other Christian workers, and our brothers and sisters in Nepal in the coming weeks, months and years.

INF shares how Christians in Nepal are responding:

"Christians in Nepal are putting their faith into action. INF's Sangita Gurung went with members of her church on motorbikes to assess access to remote villages...getting help to people is so difficult. Meanwhile, young people from local churches in Pokhara have been at the INF office, helping to prepare relief supplies and loading them on to trucks to go to Dhading.

"Christians have sent a health team to Trishuli Hospital in Nuwakot at the request of the hospital Superintendent, opened church buildings to act as halfway houses for people leaving hospital, and visited hospitals to distribute clothes to anyone who is in need. Churches are also organising special prayers and raising funds."

Prayer points

  • Pray for comfort for those who have lost loved ones, shelter for those without homes.
  • Pray for strength for those expending themselves to help others.
  • Pray that rain won’t disrupt recovery operations and that safe places will quickly be found for those whose homes are destroyed.
  • Pray for God's peace for those traumatised by this disaster.
  • Pray that the government emergency response would be quick, effective and would reach those in need.
  • Pray that those who receive aid would see the love of God shining in the Christians who are helping them.
  • Pray that doctors would be able to prevent the spread of the swine flu outbreak.

Photo credit: Krish Dulal, 2015


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