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From idol worship to inexpressible freedom

CMS missionaries, Ian and Narelle Hadfield, shared the story of Lin Lin, who had a dramatic conversion after attending their church in Hong Kong. CMS interviewed Sok Han, one of the ministers at St Andrew’s, to learn more. Story by Amanda Jeavons.

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CMS Supporters Visit Bunda

As long-term friends and supporters, Bay and Emma Warburton recently visited CMS workers, Matthew and Samantha Archer, in Bunda, Tanzania. Bay writes about the family’s visit and their perspective on the Archers' ministry and life in Bunda.

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Bringing the little children to Jesus in Tanzania

Young people make up over half of the population of Tanzania. CMS missionary, Glen Turner, is taking every opportunity to teach the Bible to Tanzanian school children, so they can pass on the gospel faithfully to the next generation.

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Young lives back on track

In Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, an estimated 11,000 children are living on the streets. They beg, scavenge and sleep here, without shelter or comfort. Thankfully, something is being done to help these children.

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Lessons Learnt: Humilty and Cultural Understanding

Former CMS missionary, Faith Blake, served in Tanzania for seven years, and then as a Mission Personnel Secretary for CMS Australia. Here, she reflects on the lessons she learnt about the need for humility and cultural understanding in mission.

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Grounded in God's word: Bunda Bible College

The African Church is growing at an unprecedented rate. As people flock to local churches, untrained Christians have taken on teaching roles for which they are not prepared. In this context, Bunda Bible College (BBC) in Tanzania plays a vital part in...

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From idol worship to inexpressible freedom


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