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Prayer Lessons

When Andrew & Dominique Gifford arrived in Spain, they found a situation that was much more difficult than they had expected. But through the power of prayer, they have discovered more of God’s provision, power and love.

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The power of the word

In African nations scarred by civil war, violence and poverty, God’s word is transforming the lives of young Christians. Here two students share how biblical study at Carlile College in Kenya has revolutionised their understanding and the way they teach others about the Bible in their local church and community.

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God's word unchained

CMS missionaries Mike and Caroline Clark have been serving at Martin Bucer Seminary in Germany for the past four years. Despite significant difficulties, Mike reports that God’s word has been moving in remarkable ways.

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Heart language

Dave Painter has served in Cambodia for 15 years, teaching theology and developing biblical resources in the Khmer language. Dave argues that the only way to effectively teach the Bible to Cambodians is in their own language, with a deep understanding of local culture.

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Sharing the Bible with Muslims

Lachlan* and his family have recently returned from serving as CMS missionaries in a Muslim-majority country. Checkpoint asked Lachlan to share some tips on sharing the Bible with those from a Muslim background.

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Turning to Christ

Alberto was a Roman Catholic, like most of the population in Valencia, Spain. Then one day he stepped into the church where CMS missionary John Lovell (serving with Jodi) is Minister. John tells how Alberto discovered a personal relationship with Christ.

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Are we super Christians?

R (name withheld for security reasons) is teaching English as a foreign language in a secure location and building relationships with women in her community. She explains why missionaries are not ‘super’ Christians!

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