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Discovering God's Word in a Spanish Jungle

In June this year, the Snowdon and Lovell families ran the second annual summer holiday kids club at their church in Valencia. Here, CMS missionary Tania Snowdon reflects on the week and shares how God is building his Church in Spain.

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All God's Children

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me…for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Mission to children matters because Jesus loves children and because childhood is the most effective time to introduce a person to the gospel. The term ‘4–14 window’ is sometimes used to refer to the age bracket when people are statistically most likely to accept Jesus Christ as Lord.

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Fellowship Across the World

Vivian came from East Asia to Sydney, Australia to finish high school and get a uni degree. Vivian’s story is a truly uplifting testimony to how God is using the international fellowship of CMS to draw people to himself.

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Suntali's Story

CMS missionary Ruth Russell and her husband Gordon serve in Nepal with International Nepal Fellowship (INF). Ruth is a palliative care specialist. She believes that loving and serving people with life-limiting illnesses is an important way to share God’s love.

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Impacting South East Asia for Christ

One of the key strategies for reaching gospel-poor people in South East Asia is to support the training of future Christian leaders to strengthen the witness of existing churches.

A CMS missionary recently interviewed Tuy, a student from Vietnam, who has just completed his Masters of Divinity degree in Thailand.

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The Power of Prayer

God works powerfully through prayer – it is the constant reminder that mission is his business and we are dependent on the Spirit for success. Gordon and Ruth Russell are using their skills in engineering and palliative care as they seek to encourage local Nepalese Christians. Checkpoint asked Gordon and Ruth to share how God has been working in their lives and ministries through prayer.

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Small Fruit. Sovereign God.

CMS missionary Ruth Brigden has been serving in the Northern Territory since 2007. Checkpoint asked Ruth to consider issues of success as she looked back on her time in the NT.

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The long haul: Mission in France

CMS missionaries Paul and Sandra reflect on their understanding of success after more than 22 years serving in ministry in France.

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Taking Christ to Christendom

It’s a sad irony that the continent known as Christendom for generations now has the highest percentage of atheists in the world. Yet God is at work in Europe, changing lives and building his church. This article talks about the challenge of missionary work in Europe.

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Love Your Neighbour

CMS is seeking to reach gospel-poor peoples for Christ, particularly among our near neighbours. CMS Victoria State Director Rev Dr Wei Han Kuan reflects on what it means to love our neighbours near and far.

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All God's Children


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