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Sharing the Bible with Muslims

Lachlan* and his family have recently returned from serving as CMS missionaries in a Muslim-majority country. Checkpoint asked Lachlan to share some tips on sharing the Bible with those from a Muslim background.

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Three Necessary Ways to Read the Bible

We need three types of Bible reading in our lives to keep growing and stay healthy, argues Wei-Han Kuan, State Director of CMS VIC.

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Turning to Christ

Alberto was a Roman Catholic, like most of the population in Valencia, Spain. Then one day he stepped into the church where CMS missionary John Lovell (serving with Jodi) is Minister. John tells how Alberto discovered a personal relationship with Christ.

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Are we super Christians?

R (name withheld for security reasons) is teaching English as a foreign language in a secure location and building relationships with women in her community. She explains why missionaries are not ‘super’ Christians!

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Paris tragedy - update

Over 100 people are confirmed to have died after coordinated terror attacks in the French capital on Friday 13 November. Please pray for the victims' families. Give thanks that CMS personnel are safe and out of danger.

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South and Central Asia Earthquake update

More than 260 people have died, mostly in Pakistan, after a magnitude-7.5 earthquake hit north-eastern Afghanistan on Monday 26 October.

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Chile Earthquake update

An earthquake measuring 8.4 on the Richter scale shook Chile earlier this month, its epicentre at sea some distance north of the capital, Santiago.

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Sharing the Bible with Muslims


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