CMS Mission Month

Growing disciples of Christ is the core business of the local church – disciples who share Christ’s love and concern for the world in which they live.

CMS Mission Month is designed to help your members see Christ’s vision, and practically work out his love for the world as they involve themselves in his mission locally, and actively support missionary partners who serve alongside Christ’s church across the world.

The aim of this page is to help you build an effective mission program in your church, and especially to engage your members in mission through a focussed mission week or month that is part of that larger mission program.

Building God’s World Mission is a booklet that takes you through the steps needed to create a focussed mission week or month. It gives sample outlines for a mission week/month and provides you with ideas and resources that you can bring together to make your program come alive.

Many of these resources are online, and can be found by following the links below:

Creating a Mission Month

  • The Mustard Effect. Help your members make a practical commitment to move forward as active partners to your missionaries.

Mission Month Video Bible Studies

4 video Bible Studies are available based on Mike Raiter’s Summer School 2010 talks on Luke 9-11. A leader’s pack including 4 DVDs and a Bible study booklet is available from CMS for $25.

Contact Partnership Support at if you have any questions about this resource.

Bible study books can be downloaded here. This clip from the first Bible study DVD will give you a taste for the full set. Each DVD contains a number of short video sections as well as the full version of Mike Raiter’s talk on that passage.

Audio/Visual Resources

Bible Studies

Children’s Ministry

Adult's Ministry

Building a Church Mission Program


  • Checkpoint - many different Checkpoint articles can be found in the resources section under the category publications.
  • Going Global


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