Andrew and Dominique Gifford

Missionary From Victoria
Location: Spain

Partner: Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal (IERE)
City: Barcelona

Area of Ministry

Barcelona – capital of the Catalonia region in north-eastern Spain – has a unique cultural identity with an often uneasy blend of Catalan and other Spanish people. IERE works to promote unity in the Christian faith among this diverse population. The Giffords have recently seen answers to long-term prayers for their community, as non-believing friends look to God.

Andrew is the pastor of IERE – the only indigenous Spanish Anglican church in Barcelona. Andrew and Dominique work with the IERE to draw people to Christ by word and deed.


Recently we have been asked the question: why do we do mission in Europe?
Here is an easy to read and informative article by Sarah Barnett from CMS NSW & ACT Communications, entitled Taking Christ to Christendom.

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