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Praying for CMS in your church

At CMS, we firmly believe that gospel ministry involves people working together in a partnership based on prayer. To help you embrace this partnership with your church's link missionaries, here are some ideas to help you pray with your church or group:

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You can subscribe to Prayer Updates from your link missionary and other missionaries, and they will regularly send you prayer points and news from their work to fuel your prayer.

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Need more material?

Try these general prayer points:

  • For the spread of the gospel in places where missionaries are working.
  • For the many thousands of unreached people groups with no access to the gospel.
  • For Christians in troubled parts of the world.
  • For missionaries dealing with isolation, danger or difficulty.
  • For the spiritual growth of missionaries.
  • For the children of missionaries, either on location or living away from their parents.
  • For those undergoing missionary training.
  • For God to continue to raise up new missionaries.
  • For the financial and practical needs of missionary societies.

More Information

Download Keep on Praying, a resource to help you to encourage and include others in prayer. It contains prayer ideas, written prayers and litanies to be used in church services and small groups.


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