Prayer Points for CMS Missionaries

Please note the following prayer points are intended to be read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary. Please contact your local branch for a copy.


Sunday 1 – Malta, Eurasia & Slovenia

G & R thank God for a relaxing holiday over the summer and that they have come back refreshed for ministry. R prays for growing maturity of the youth and young adults at her church. Kingsley & Veronica Box pray that Slovenes who attend a public lecture by Kingsley on the reformer John Calvin would want to find out more about God.

Monday 2 – Italy, Switzerland & Ireland

Gillian Law prays that leaders would be well equipped for the new academic year following a training conference last weekend. Pray that all students would be ready and keen to share Christ on campus. Simon & Jessica Cowell pray that as the new academic year begins, they would be able to reconnect with continuing students and build some new relationships. Andrew & Claire Livingstone pray that the Lord would raise up godly students to lead the various GBU groups this year and that Christian students would shine as lights for Jesus on campus. Erin Moorcroft prays for mutual encouragement and growth as she meets with Church Hill and Christ Church Gladesville this month. Naomi Brunacci prays that GBU students would be excited by the word of God as they begin gathering together this month. Pray that more student leaders across Italy would be raised up to lead local and international groups.

Tuesday 3 – Austria & Germany

Rob & Arabelle Horne thank God for their safe return to Austria and pray for the family as they settle back into school and ministry. Rob & Carol Nolan pray that they would be able to stay in their apartment and that the other tenants it has been promised to at the end of the year would be able to find an alternative which is great for them as well. Rachel Gibbs prays that new students would come to the weekend away at the beginning of semester and be eager to read the Bible and see university as a mission field. Klaus & Jude Hickel pray for good follow-up of guests from the harvest outreach service. Mimy Gardner praises God for the women who want to meet together to study the Bible. Pray for the discipling of many new believers and for a refugee, A, to come to faith. Pray for Michael & Caroline Clark as they start final Home Assignment. Give thanks for their time in Germany and pray for those who have taken over their ministries.

Wednesday 4 – Spain

Pray for Ellie Firth as she settles back into life in Australia and seeks God’s will for her life. Andrew & Dominique Gifford pray that the Go Explore team planned for December would open up more relationships with local people. John & Jodi Lovell thank God for the many encouragements during Home Assignment and pray for their family to settle quickly into life and ministry in Valencia. Pray that Mike & Tania Snowdon would deepen their relationships with other parents at the boys’ school, pointing people to Jesus.

Thursday 5 – France

Kelly Landrigan prays for the final details and preparations before the launch of her team’s church in November. Colin & Catherine Puffett praise God for their Christian language school and pray for persistence in studies. Pray for Catherine as she commences France Mission induction (19–20 October). Paul & Sandra pray for the joy of the Spirit as they speak with link churches about what God has done over their 25+ years of mission in France. Caroline Evenden praises God for the provision of student leaders for GBU South-West. Pray that he will fill them with his Spirit, love and passion to make Christ known to friends and classmates this year. Daniel & Kate Morris pray that Christian students in Lille would prioritise joining a Bible study group and start inviting their friends to join them. Josh & Susannah Apieczonek pray that many new students would sign up for the GBU Weekend de Rentrée (27–29 October). M thanks God for her partnership with Coopers Plains Evangelical Church and prays for good connections there.

Friday 6 – CMS Australia

Give thanks for the safe return of Elizabeth Richards yesterday from a pastoral visit to Tanzania. Pray for Peter Rodgers and Chris Cooper preparing for a mission consultation meeting in Singapore in mid-October. Pray also for the Federal Council meeting at the end of the month (27–29 October).

Saturday 7 – South & Central Asia

S thanks God for a new principal and a new owner at the English school and prays for God’s guidance through the changes in leadership. S & I pray that believer’s like ‘N’ would take up opportunities to share the word and faith with their friends. Pray for boldness and courage in the face of opposition. Pray for L to run quickly to God when she feels out of her depth in difficult situations. Pray that she would be a good model of this to others. Please pray with S that she would honour Jesus and make him known whatever her circumstances. Pray that she would always be overflowing with thankfulness.

Sunday 8 – Nepal

S gives thanks for deepening relationships with other believers at church and for good progress made with language study. K gives thanks for time away with her family. Pray for mutual encouragement as she spends time in Beecroft and Central Coast link churches this month. K & M praise God that all of the school’s visas have been approved. Pray for safety as students travel all over Nepal for Activity Week, starting on 23 October. D & E praise God for a successful women’s ministry trip to a village and for meaningful strategic meetings with the school’s leadership and board. Pray for ongoing talks about the school’s direction and continued funding for the new building.

Monday 9 – Nepal

K (& B) pray for the continuing clean up after the flooding in southern Nepal. Pray particularly that churches in the area would have the capacity and heart to show God’s love to the community. Give thanks with G & R for family time and spiritual refreshment while on leave. Pray for building developments at their local church and for provincial and national elections in November. L & T pray for comfort for their family as they process bad news about L’s father’s health. Thank God that his father is free of pain and has a strong faith in Jesus. B & L pray for God’s over-ruling of a new bill criminalising religious conversion which has been passed and is awaiting presidential approval. Pray for religious freedom to be protected in Nepal.

Tuesday 10 – Middle East

T & K pray that T would get to know his new students well this first semester. S & C pray for continued progress in language study and for S as he works on his Master’s. Pray for more opportunities to read the word with local friends. A & H pray that their family would make a good transition into life in Australia and that God would provide housing, jobs and friendships in the right timing. J prays for God’s leading as she investigates and considers possible roles and locations to return to after Home Assignment. Pray for S as she begins Home Assignment visits to local churches. Pray that she would faithfully share God’s work in the Middle East in a way that encourages people and glorifies God. L prays for opportunities to share short and simple Bible stories in her short and simple Arabic.

Wednesday 11 – UAE, Jordan, Pakistan & Middle East

W & C pray for some travel planned for W later this month as he seeks to make strategic partnerships with churches outside the region. Malcolm & Charissa Forrest give thanks for new families who have settled in well to church. Pray for wisdom and energy for Charissa as she teaches the Bible at school and continues other ministries. D & S pray for God to empower and grow his children in the local churches in the wisdom and righteousness of Jesus. David & Georgina Newmarch pray for the group of five men from Pakistan that David is continuing to do Bible study with via WhatsApp. B praises God for his provision throughout arriving, settling in and getting to know people and places during her first month in the Middle East. Pray for strong friendships with local women.

Thursday 12 – Tanzania

Mike & Katie Taylor thank God for the many opportunities to share and teach his word. Geoff & Martha Boye pray for the upcoming mission where students go in teams to a location. Pray that they will be prepared for mission, safe in travel and that God would use them to spread the gospel and encourage Tanzanian Christians. Liz Burns prays that ongoing issues with her work permit and visa would be resolved quickly. Graham & Alison McKay pray that St John’s University would continue to develop its Christian ethos and witness to students, staff and the community. Pray also for a new deputy vice-chancellor academic to be found. Arthur & Tamie Davis pray that attendees of the TAFES reunion dinner last month in Dar would become committed supporters of today’s TAFES. Kevin & Karen Flanagan praise God for fellowship with the saints at their link churches and give thanks that they are partnering with them in God’s mission. Pray that God would continue to use them to encourage his people to seek and save the lost.

Friday 13 – Tanzania

Pray with Andy & Jenny Bennett that the 1700+ secondary students due to sit their Form 2 Bible Knowledge exam in November would get good grades. Glen & Dominique Turner pray for great wisdom for Glen in his new role as the principal of Mara Primary School. Matthew & Samantha Archer pray for Verity and Ezekiel as they begin their longest term at boarding school. Thank God for the school, staff and students. Pray that they live each day for him. Helen Hoskins prays that construction of the new Shalom Primary and Pre-School in Bunda would progress to the point that the school can open in January. Praise God with Judith Calf for opportunities to visit several village churches, preach and encourage God’s people. Pray for wisdom in developing village seminar plans for the rest of 2017.

Saturday 14 – D R Congo, Namibia & South Africa

Pray for Graham & Wendy Toulmin as they return to Aru for the new academic year with six new students and the ongoing training with the recent graduates. David & Prue Boyd pray that they would be able to effectively combine their Home Assignment duties with support for their grandson and family as he undergoes a bone marrow transplant for leukaemia. Mike & Karen Roe give thanks for an encouraging pastoral visit in September. Pray for Mike’s heart issues to be resolved and for good rest in amongst the challenges and joys of college life. Pray for Nathan & Diane Lovell as Nathan prepares for a trip to Boston, USA to attend and present a paper at the Society of Biblical Literature conference at the end of November. Kylie Zietsch praises God for the openness and teachable hearts of the students and for her new housemate, Mpho. Pray that she would have wisdom when listening to and loving the students in pastoral matters.

Sunday 15 – Ethiopia, East Africa & Kenya

Shane & Naomi Rubie pray for Yetesfa Birhan, a girls’ outreach program run by Naomi that will begin this month with six new girls. Roger & Lynn Kay give thanks for last month’s answered prayers and for the new youth group and Sunday school leaders. Pray that the children and youth would be nurtured in their walk with Jesus. Maggie Crewes prays for staff as they seek to sensitively handle the needs of Muslim children in the Retrak projects. Pray that God’s compassion and love would shine through them. Norm & Janelle Gorrie thank God for Janelle’s language progress and deepening relationships with women in the Sagante parish. Pray for Revd Guyo and the elders as they continue to disciple and strengthen Christians.

Monday 16 – Japan

Pray that Chenny Thie would be diligent in her Japanese studies and that the fruit of this would be more opportunities to talk about Jesus with Japanese people. Nathan & Maki Clapham pray that students would be impacted by and strengthened in the gospel at the many KGK camps. Adam & Helane Ramsay pray that God would bless the Evans family as they return to Japan and that the team would care for them well. Karen Darda gives thanks for the valuable time of transition, fellowship, learning and reflecting at SAH. Pray that deputation would be encouraging as she shares the vision for Japanese ministry in a new location. Pray that Steven & Sandra Parsons would find the right person or couple of God’s choosing to host the TEAM Japan guest house ministry in Tokyo.

Tuesday 17 – Japan

Dave & Beck McIntyre give thanks for the new translation of the Bible that has been released. Pray that the word of God would advance in Japan and for energy levels as they are halfway through second term. Brad & Michelle Jackson pray for the Young Life ministry happening through two international schools in the area. Pray that God would bring lots of young people along and that his word would penetrate their hearts and draw them to himself. Pray with Kellie Nicholas that the KGK 70th Anniversary celebrations (2–4 November) would be a great time of remembering God’s faithfulness. Pray that people would be encouraged to continue supporting the ministry. Dene & Rachel Hughes pray that they would find good rhythms for family, school and work as they approach the most predictable part of the semester.

Wednesday 18 – Hong Kong, Taiwan & East Asia

Ian & Narelle Hadfield thank God for the new growth groups at St Andrew’s Kowloon this academic year. Pray for more leaders and groups and for further involvement of church members. Marshall & Julie Scott thank God for the organic ministry opportunities that have been arising through their one-to-one relationships with people. Pray that D & L would persevere under difficult circumstances and not lose hope. Pray for radical transformation in the hearts of the ladies that L counsels. Pray with L & J as they mentor key international student leaders in their congregation. Pray that a senior staff meeting at their church would start up regularly. D & T praise God for the doors he has opened in the last six years and the children’s lives that have been transformed as a result. S & K pray for mutual encouragement and strong partnership development as they visit three link churches this month. Pray that God would raise up 15 evangelists to the ‘Bonba’ people. E thanks God for a safe and productive visit to location and for the opportunity she has to work there. Pray for her application for a working visa and that she would make the most of deputation.

Thursday 19 – Development & Training

SAH: C gives thanks for the gift of family in Christ. Pray that she would trust God’s goodness and that he is in full control. Derek & Rosemary Snibson pray for a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal communities they will meet in Darwin, including their stories and ministry needs. E thanks God for the excellent teachers and the chance to read and learn at SAH. L praises God for the steep learning curve and the loving community at SAH. Pray that God would help her to grow in a deep sense of waiting and following the Holy Spirit’s lead. Matt & Jen Lim pray for God’s guidance and provision of the right link churches for them. Pray that they would be mutually encouraging gospel partnerships that seek to see Christ known and glorified in Japan and Australia. Pray for M to depend more on the work of the Holy Spirit to lead her. J & D praise God for feeling refreshed, for the training at SAH and for the privilege to learn from people with so much experience in crossing cultures. Daniel & Olivia Webster pray for wise decisions to be made about their location and for their health to enable good learning during their time at SAH. R gives thanks for the wisdom and insights of the SAH staff and for all he is learning and discovering about cross-cultural ministry and relationships. Noriko & Roger Dethlefs pray for good communication as they share with churches and Bible study groups and seek prayer partnerships for their work in Japan. Mentac: Please pray for good contacts to be made at the Lakemba Spring Market and Haldon Street Festival in Sydney this month.

Friday 20 – Cambodia

Pray for Dave & Leoni Painter as they visit their link churches this month and reflect upon the past four years. Pray that God would prepare Craig & Samantha McCorkindale as they take on more responsibility at the international church they have been attending. Wim & Maaike Prins pray for wisdom and energy for Maaike to move HOPE School forward. Give thanks for a new translator for the New Bible Dictionary project. Bethany Vaughan praises God for the provision of a local Khmer church and an English-speaking international church. Pray for continued language study, particularly pronunciation of vowel sounds.

Saturday 21 – Indonesia & Timor-Leste

Andrew Buchanan (& Abi Tandiseru) pray for the students’ growth in faith, love and hope as they study the Bible, theology and ministry in their lectures. Alan & Helen Wood praise God for a successful Council Planning Day in September, strategising for the next 12 months. Pray for the right candidates to be found for vicar and associate minister positions. J & D pray that O and his soccer coach would have life-changing conversations with the rest of the team as they travel to Singapore for an international tournament in November. Chris & Grace Adams pray for follow-up after an intensive national Presbyterian church pastors and leaders training event. Pray for the ongoing training of people leading the church and proclaiming God’s word.

Sunday 22 – South East Asia

J prays for safety, especially in travel, around a major national festival. Pray also that English language students would do well on their mid-term tests this month. Pray with Mark & Rosemary Dickens for the Lord’s comfort for Mark, his brothers and the extended family following the recent passing of his mother. H & M praise God for the wonderful fellowship in their Bible studies and pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to be at work in the men and women. T & E give thanks for the recent medical student retreat and pray that the students would remain inspired to grow in faith and live as witnesses to the truth. J & I pray for clarity around which opportunities to choose for their ministry. Pray that many strong, long-term partnerships would begin during their time at MBM and Moss Vale Anglican Church.

Monday 23 – South East Asia

M & L pray for more openness to the gospel and ways to reach the main ethnic group in their location, especially young professionals and university students. Pray that N can effectively juggle English language teaching and her own language learning, particularly as she reaches the halfway point of Term 1. T & J pray for God’s wisdom, grace and help as they share with different link churches on deputation. Pray for God’s church to be strengthened and his kingdom to be blessed as they partner together. L & I thank God for I’s recent pastoral visit to the Middle East and pray for the believers over there who are seeking to make Jesus known. S prays for guidance and wisdom for all involved in making decisions regarding location and work details. Pray that they would trust in God’s provision and timing.

Tuesday 24 – Chile

Andrew & Paulina Cox pray for Abigail’s health following her most recent surgery last month. Michael & Joanne Charles praise God for the opportunity to teach workshops at the National Anglican Youth Congress. Pray that attendees would be strengthened in their faith and love of Jesus. Pray for Lola and Emma finishing their time in Chile. Pray that Gary & Julie Haddon would make the most of their time on deputation. Pray especially for Mikaylah who is sitting her HSC exams. Frances Cook prays that God would use the National Anglican Youth Congress to build up his church. Chris & Stef Overhall give thanks for and pray for continued health for the family, especially Stef while pregnant. Pray for safe travel and good gospel partnerships in Orange.

Wednesday 25 – Mexico & Bolivia

Peter & Sarah Sholl pray for Peter teaching a MOCLAM course in Brazil to Anglican pastors and leaders. Pray for good opportunities to encourage them in their preparation and training. Adrian & Anita Lovell give thanks for those studying Doctrine 1 in Cochabamba. Pray that they would grow in their understanding of how they know and relate to God. Nick & Kysha Davies thank God for developing relationships at church and the first opportunity to see MOCLAM in action. Pray also for Grahame & Patty Scarratt.

Thursday 26 – Argentina

Peter & Terry Blowes thank God for growth in the number and size of ABUA small groups. Pray for Peter speaking at a men’s retreat on 3–4 November and then attending IFES training meetings the following week. Amy Stephens prays that more contacts could be made with non-Christians students through ABUA outreach events. Martin & Julie Field pray for the organisation of a large-scale evangelistic event on campus on 1 November. Pray that many people would come and be challenged to receive the life that Jesus offers. Peter & Rosalind Langley thank God for greater depth of relationships and language. Pray that ABUA students would grow in spiritual maturity and for Peter to find further evangelistic opportunities.

Friday 27 – North Australia

Terry & Liz McCoy praise God for much encouragement over the last two months. Pray that God would continue to build and strengthen the church on Groote and Bickerton Islands through the many projects at work. Tavis & Kate Beer pray that God would help church leaders at Minyerri and Ngukurr to reach out to, disciple and look after those in their care. Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones give thanks for graduating students and pray that they will grow in faith and use their skills to enrich their churches. Pray for Mandy teaching a course starting on 30 October. Pray with Chris & Karen Webb for God’s word to bear visible fruit in people’s lives as they preach and teach in services and Bible study groups at Broome People’s Church. Matthew & Lisa Pearson thank God for the support of the churches they’ve visited so far. Pray that God would prepare them to learn Kunwinjku and serve the church in Gunbalanya next year.

Saturday 28 – Vanuatu, Fiji & Papua New Guinea

Joel & Tiffanie Atwood pray for godly new student leaders for Emalus Campus CF, for the selection and training of the inaugural ECF board and for fundraising for students attending AFES National Training Event in Canberra in December. Tony & Susie Wright give thanks that Timothy’s adoption visa arrived. Keith & Marion Birchley pray for strength, energy and mutual encouragement as they continue to visit their link churches throughout November.

Sunday 29 – CMS Branches

NSW & ACT: Pray for missionaries as they return to Australia on Home Assignment and prepare to share with supporters at Summer School 2018. Pray for health and rest for them, as well as for people to take on their ministry roles while they are away. QNNSW:Pray for God’s provision in the search for a new general secretary. Pray for the organisers and speakers at the upcoming Toowoomba Conference and branch AGM, as well as for Summer School preparations. SANT: Give thanks for the appointment of Katy Smith as the new regional director, commencing in January. Pray for God’s wisdom for Katy and the SANT board as they guide the branch and for unity and discernment as they work together. TAS: Give thanks for the launch of the branch vision for the next five years. Pray for final planning and promotion of SummerView 2018 and for further planning for the inaugural non-residential Hobart World Mission Conference in May. VIC: Pray for the branch as they prepare for the AGM on 11 November. Give thanks for the many people already registered for Summer Under the Son and pray that many more will do so in the coming weeks. WA: Pray for God’s provision through a time of transition and for smooth preparations for Summer School 2018. Former Missionaries’ Fellowship: Give thanks for the lives of Reg Roberts (India and Pakistan 1958–77), who died on 7 July, and Marie Dawson (NT 1956–57; Tanzania 1959–75; DR Congo 1992–98), who died on 4 September.

Monday 30 – CMS Fellowship

Give thanks with CMS Tasmania for the rapid growth in 2017 of people joining the branch and committing to pray, care and give, as well as an increase in people enquiring about serving as missionaries. Praise God that there has been an increase in giving to mission and ask that this would continue.

Tuesday 31 – World Mission

Pray that attendees of workshops run by the Centre for Biblical Preaching would be excited and motivated to preach the Bible more faithfully and effectively. Pray also for the individuals and institutions who are beneficiaries of the CMS Mission Support Fund. Pray that through ministries like these, local churches and Christians around the world would grow in spiritual maturity and their desire to proclaim the gospel to their neighbours.


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