Prayer Points for CMS Missionaries

Please note the following prayer points are intended to be read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary. Please contact your local branch for a copy.


Friday 1 – Malta, Eurasia & Slovenia

G & R thank God that the university retreat went well and pray that the group would care for one another, as well as for students outside the group. R prays for churches in Eurasia to have good teaching and for leaders to learn how to teach well from the word. Kingsley & Veronica Box pray for a stall that their church will run this month in a nearby square. Pray that God would bless their conversations and bring people to hear the good news of Christ at their Christmas services.

Saturday 2 – Italy, Switzerland & Ireland

Gillian Law thanks God for great partnerships and the chance to share with many Aussie churches about the culture and ministry in Italy. Simon & Jessica Cowell pray that the national GBU conference this week would be a time of encouragement from God’s word. Pray that they would be wise and loving as they build relationships with believers in Italy. Andrew & Claire Livingstone pray that students at the National Training Event in Canberra would be shaped by the gospel and motivated to see a world that knows Jesus. Erin Moorcroft thanks God for time away at a missionaries’ conference and prays that it would be a time of growth and encouragement for all. Thank God also for a great week with Sylvania Anglican. Naomi Brunacci prays for fresh engagement with the risen Jesus this Christmas in Italy. Pray that people would seek the living and true God who has come to us.

Sunday 3 – Austria & Germany

Rob & Arabelle Horne pray for good opportunities to build friendships and share Christ with Austrian friends and neighbours over the Advent and Christmas period. Rob & Carol Nolan pray that God would guide them as they make decisions about how long to stay in Austria. Pray that their Afghan friends would want to do an Al Massira course with them. Rachel Gibbs prays that she would find a non-Christian student to read the Bible with regularly this semester. Klaus & Jude Hickel pray that people would respond to the light of Christ at their outreach Advent service this afternoon. Mimy Gardner praises God for the musicians at LEC who make the evangelistic musical services at Christmas possible. Pray for God to bring people into his kingdom through the services. Michael & Caroline Clark pray for God’s wisdom and comfort as they work out what life in Australia will be like for them now they have returned.

Monday 4 – Spain

Pray for Ellie Firth as she continues to recover, heal and settle back into life in Australia. Andrew & Dominique Gifford pray that the CMS Go Explore team (11 December to 8 January) would bear gospel fruit through their interactions with local people. John & Jodi Lovell praise God for the blessing of celebrating Christmas with their church family in Valencia. Pray for opportunities to connect with local families so that they can also celebrate the joy and wonder of Jesus—God with us! Mike & Tania Snowdon pray for good opportunities to speak about Jesus at church, GBE and GBU events during the Christmas season.

Tuesday 5 – France

Kelly Landrigan prays for her gospel choir as they sing at the local Christmas markets and meet more of their community. Pray that many friends would come along to the church plant’s Christmas celebration. Colin & Catherine Puffett pray for endurance as they approach the end of second term while also managing the changes that a newborn baby brings. Pray for new churches in France celebrating their first Christmases together. Paul & Sandra pray for opportunities to ‘sing’ of the love of God to outsiders at Christmas and that they would hear. Caroline Evenden gives thanks for the opportunity that Christmas is for the gospel. Pray for French GBU groups as students host Christmas events and invite non-believing friends. Daniel & Kate Morris pray for France, where so few know Jesus as anything more than a baby born long ago. Pray that many would hear the gospel this Christmas and that God would use the Morrises and Christian students in Lille to share this hope. Josh & Susannah Apieczonek thank God for time with family in Australia after an absence of three years. M prays that Christmas with her family would be a joyful time and bring opportunities to share Jesus with her relatives.

Wednesday 6 – CMS Australia

Thank God for Peter Rodgers’ safe return from a pastoral visit to Latin America yesterday. Pray for the End-of-Year Missionary Conference this coming weekend for those on Home Assignment. Pray for CMS missionaries around the world as they celebrate and speak about the birth of our Saviour this month.

Thursday 7 – South & Central Asia

S prays that God would pour out his Spirit on South Asia so that many would believe and trust in his name. S & I pray that they would make the most of their energy during the cooler season to love and serve people with the good news. L prays for believers to be bold and to have many opportunities to speak of the Lord Jesus this Christmas. S gives thanks that God has given her life up until now. Pray that she would remain faithful to him in the New Year.

Friday 8 – Nepal

S thanks God for the faithful women in her small group who have such a strong desire to know God and live out his word in their lives. K prays for Christians in Nepal as they consider the new law which has been approved, severely restricting witness. K & M praise God for a productive time with a US Young Life/Rotary group who are interested in supporting the work in Nepal. Pray for good health and energy during winter and peaceful hearts as they miss their family at Christmas. D & E praise God for the appointment of a new director and CMS associate, J, to the school. Pray for end-of-year Christmas preparations and for the move to the new school site to go well.

Saturday 9 – Nepal

Pray for K (& B) as they head back to Nepal and settle in. G & R pray for clarification of R’s work role. Pray for Nepali Christians to be courageous in witness and decisions, despite new laws. Pray for opportunities to creatively share the meaning of Christmas this Advent. Pray for L & T and the family as they mourn the passing of L’s father in November. Thank God for his father’s faith and life in service of the Lord, and that he is now free from pain in the presence of Jesus. B & L pray for wisdom and understanding of their new roles and how they can best support their partner organisations in a time of significant transition.

Sunday 10 – Middle East

T & K pray for preparations for Christmas evangelistic services. S & C pray that the Christmas message would be proclaimed in their country this month. Pray that their school and church events would shine the light of Jesus to all who attend. A & H pray that their final CMS events would encourage people about God’s work in the Middle East and challenge them to serve there. J gives thanks for being back in Australia on Home Assignment and prays for good family time around Christmas. S thanks God for the encouragement of meeting with supporters during Home Assignment. L prays for personal boldness and opportunities to share stories from Luke 1–2 as she celebrates Christmas.

Monday 11 – UAE, Jordan, Pakistan & Middle East

W & C pray that God would save many friends, colleagues and family at their Christmas Eve carol service, where over 4000 people hear the good news of Jesus. Malcolm & Charissa Forrest pray that their Christmas events would clearly proclaim the gospel and honour the Lord Jesus. Pray that visitors would be convicted of the need to take their relationship with God seriously. D & S pray for the two Bible studies they run with youth and students on campus. Pray that the students would delight in God’s word and learn how to read and reflect on it. David & Georgina Newmarch pray that God would provide people to be the next hosts for Aram as they have decided not to return to Pakistan. B prays for adequate language class hours and also for opportunities to share with friends about the significance of Christmas.

Tuesday 12 – Tanzania

Mike & Katie Taylor thank God for the last semester of teaching at Munguishi and pray that the word imprinted on their students’ hearts would bear fruit for God’s glory. Geoff & Martha Boye pray for the students’ safe return to their homes and ministries, and a refreshing time for all over the long Christmas break. Liz Burns prays for the students’ end-of-semester exams and for her preparations to come on Home Assignment. Graham & Alison McKay pray for the chaplaincy and Christian student groups at St John’s University as they reach out to people on campus with the gospel. Arthur & Tamie Davis pray for students travelling to Kenya for Commission Conference (IFES Kenya). Kevin & Karen Flanagan thank God for the joy and encouragement of spending time with saints in their partner churches. Pray for the timely provision of Tanzanian residence permits.

Wednesday 13 – Tanzania

Andy & Jenny Bennett give thanks for the completion of the second year of Bible Knowledge courses in secondary schools in Kagera. Pray that more students would join the program next year and come to know God as a result. Glen & Dominique Turner praise God for the great exam results of the Standard 7 students. As they move to different schools, pray that these students would hold firm to the Christian teaching they have received. Matthew & Samantha Archer praise God for an unexpected holiday and for the generosity of their parents. Helen Hoskins thanks God for the faithful prayers of CMS supporters over the last 35 years. Judith Calf prays that God would provide resources so that an evangelists’ training course can begin in January. Pray for her lesson preparation and give thanks for the joy and privilege of teaching church leaders.

Thursday 14 – D R Congo, Namibia & South Africa

Graham & Wendy Toulmin give thanks for the group of dental students who began the new three-year curriculum in October. Pray for the Toulmins as they guide the teaching of these men. David & Prue Boyd pray for D R Congo as tension and violence rise due to the failure to hold promised elections. Pray for their grandson, whose bone marrow transplant was delayed, as he recovers in the hospital isolation unit. Mike & Karen Roe pray for safe travels for the students and staff heading home for the holidays. Pray for opportunities for them to share the gospel with others over Christmas. Pray for Nathan & Diane Lovell as they begin Home Assignment. Pray that they would clearly communicate the work God is doing in South Africa. Kylie Zietsch praises God that she is developing deeper relationships and feeling more settled in Johannesburg. Pray for wisdom and love for the youth at her church and that she would know how to point them to Christ.

Friday 15 – Ethiopia, East Africa & Kenya

Shane & Naomi Rubie pray for a refreshing Christmas break for their family after a stressful term. Pray also for the political unrest in Ethiopia. Roger & Lynn Kay pray that the Christmas events at St Matthew’s would reach many in the international community in Addis Ababa. Maggie Crewes prays for important negotiations between Retrak and another Christian organisation. Pray for wise decisions and stability as change takes place, with a key result that they can reach even more children and young people with hope and God’s love. Norm & Janelle Gorrie thank God for rain. Pray for good government and that a training course would equip, empower and mobilise Christians to be warriors for Christ who disciple others.

Saturday 16 – Japan

Chenny Thie prays that many non-believing Japanese would accept invitations to Christmas events from their Christian family and friends. Nathan & Maki Clapham pray that young adults in their church would grow in Christ through God’s word. Adam & Helane Ramsay pray for God’s blessing on their Christmas events and the courage to invite friends who might be drawn closer to Jesus. Pray for their team as they farewell departing team members. K gives thanks for the past two months of visiting churches and sharing in the new ministry God has led her to. Pray for good rest and refreshment in preparation for Summer School and departure in January. Steven & Sandra Parsons pray that the true message of Christmas would be clear as the TEAM Japan office shares Christ with their contractors and suppliers this month.

Sunday 17 – Japan

Dave & Beck McIntyre pray that the kids’ Christmas event would be a stepping stone for non-Christian kids involved in the church English program to start coming to church. Brad & Michelle Jackson pray that God would draw Japanese people to himself through the Christmas events at the Higashinada Baptist Church. Kellie Nicholas gives thanks for the opportunity she has to share about Jesus’ birth through the kids’ talk at church today. Dene & Rachel Hughes pray for wisdom and safety as they travel long distances in their first month of Home Assignment. Thank God for the provision of partners in ministry and the refreshing opportunity to see them face to face.

Monday 18 – Hong Kong, Taiwan & East Asia

Ian & Narelle Hadfield pray for the gospel to change lives through Christmas celebrations as many people come to church who would not normally attend. Marshall & Julie Scott pray that God would raise up local men who will become leaders in the church, particularly men that they can train to teach God’s word. D & L pray that they would know the Lord’s enabling as they endure the bleak, harsh weather and live intentionally to point people to Jesus. L & J pray for international students to be equipped to read the Bible with non-believers through L’s training. Pray for J as she trains and mentors six key female students. D & T pray for good preparations and transitions as they prepare for Home Assignment starting in early December. S & K give thanks for an encouraging initial Home Assignment and praise God for their supporting churches and partners. Pray for good family time this month and gospel opportunities with unbelieving relatives. E thanks God for opening doors and providing her with work in a ministry team next year. Pray that God would continue to prepare her for this task.

Tuesday 19 – Development & Training

SAH: C prays for God’s blessing on her family relationships as they go away for a few days over Christmas. Derek & Rosemary Snibson pray for their time with family at Christmas and for their developing partnerships with parishes and friends. E prays for her transition back to Sydney. L prays for safety and wisdom while visiting some potential ministry opportunities on location. Pray that the Lord would reveal his plan and purpose for the next step. Matt & Jen Lim give thanks for the wonderful season of training at SAH, and also for the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends back in Sydney. M prays for her non-Christian family members who are visiting at Christmas. J & D pray that Summer Under the Son would be a great time for all to grow in Christ together. Thank God for confirmation of their location and pray for their preparations for departure. Pray for Daniel & Olivia Webster as they transition back to life in Sydney and have time with family over Christmas. Pray for R as he transitions from his studies at SAH to initial Home Assignment and also prepares for Summer Under the Son. Roger & Noriko Dethlefs thank God that KGK is willing to sponsor them in Japan and that this will hopefully mean they can apply for a long-term visa. Mentac: Pray for strength for the trainees as they run a women’s dinner and a carol service. Pray for good gospel conversations at these events.

Wednesday 20 – Cambodia

Dave & Leoni Painter give thanks for the encouragement they have received while visiting their link churches the last few months. Craig & Samantha McCorkindale thank God for their first family visit since their arrival in Cambodia. Pray for safe travels and a time of good reconnection and refreshment with one another. Wim & Maaike Prins give thanks for a good term at HOPE for Maaike and the children. Pray for Wim’s travels as he visits publishing house centres around the country (23–25 November). Bethany Vaughan praises God that she has successfully completed three levels of Khmer language school. Pray for safe travel for her brother and sister-in-law as they visit and spend Christmas in Cambodia.

Thursday 21 – Indonesia & Timor-Leste

Andrew Buchanan (& Abi Tandiseru) pray for proclamation of the gospel in churches this Christmas and for refreshment over the holiday break. Alan & Helen Wood praise God for a restful week in Lombok. Pray also for outreach at their three Christmas Eve carol events. J & D pray for J as he preaches at the Christmas evangelistic service at church. Chris & Grace Adams pray for safety and good health as they travel to many Christmas events. Pray that the churches would celebrate with awe, wonder and praise to God.

Friday 22 – South East Asia

J prays that God’s hand was over the end-of-term assessments, reporting and new intake testing (12–16 December). Mark & Rosemary Dickens pray for good gospel outreach at Christmas services, especially at the children’s service on Christmas Eve when hundreds of visitors attend. H & M give thanks that their family has grown in resilience and settled in well this year. Pray for C as he starts at a new preschool where all teaching is in the local language. T & E pray that many students would have a profound experience of the reality of Jesus as they return home to celebrate Christmas. J & I thank God for the many hearts that he has stirred for his mission during deputation. Pray for strength and wisdom as the family prepares for Summer School and departure in January. I praises God for good personal connections with her students and prays for more conversations about Jesus with her neighbours. Pray also for a work visa and housing for 2018.

Saturday 23 – South East Asia

M & L praise God for those who became part of their spiritual family through the evangelistic event held earlier this month. Pray that they would be welcomed into a church. Pray for N as she spends her first Christmas away from family and also takes a short holiday. Pray that she would rest well and rejoice in Jesus. T & J thank God for an encouraging time of sharing with their brothers and sisters at different churches on deputation. Thank God for the prayers and generosity of his people. L & I thank God for renewed energy and strength, as well as for the body of believers who support them. S prays for precious and special time with family and friends over December and January as they farewell each other. Pray for the provision of visas, energy to pack up, and for God’s grace and joy to abound.

Sunday 24 – Chile

Pray for Andrew & Paulina Cox and the family, especially Abigail, as they continue with life and ministry in Australia. Michael & Joanne Charles praise God for sustaining them over the last three and a half years. Pray for them as they head back to Australia for Home Assignment and for Emma as she farewells Chile and begins life in Australia. Gary & Julie Haddon praise God for their link churches, and the support and care shown to them. Pray for CEP students preparing for the annual youth leaders’ training week in Chile. Frances Cook prays that God’s Church would be built up by the youth leaders’ camp in the last week of December, run by CEP students. Chris & Stef Overhall thank God for the safe arrival of their third child, Nathanael Joseph, born on 4 November. Pray that plans for housing, arrival, life and ministry in Chile next year would continue to come together.

Monday 25 – Mexico & Bolivia

Peter & Sarah Sholl pray for good fellowship with local Monterrey pastors as they attend a weekend retreat. Adrian & Anita Lovell give thanks for those who have come to know Jesus better through the MOCLAM courses this year. Pray that Christ would be glorified as a result. Pray for Nick & Kysha Davies as they celebrate their first Christmas overseas. Thank God for sending his Son and pray that Bolivian Christians would point others to the friendship freely available in Christ. Grahame & Patty Scarratt give thanks that their son, Phil, is now working on the admin and tech side of their book ministry, Libros Gran Panorama, for Spanish-speakers.

Tuesday 26 – Argentina

Peter & Terry Blowes pray for God to be glorified at the national ABUA conference (5–12 January) and the Southern Cone IFES Conference afterwards. Pray for the three workshops they are running, and for God’s provision and stamina throughout. Amy Stephens prays for the students who are sitting exams. Pray that students at the national ABUA conference and the South Cone IFES Conference would grow in faith and maturity. Martin & Julie Field pray for a refreshing and relaxing family holiday while Lachlan visits. Peter & Rosalind Langley thank God for all he has done through ABUA and in Peter’s school. Pray for a smooth transition back to Australia.

Wednesday 27 – North Australia

Terry & Liz McCoy praise God for the children’s Christmas storybook in Anindilyakwa. Pray that children would read it and understand the importance of Jesus. Pray that Christmas services would help people to focus on Christ. Tavis & Kate Beer pray that Summer Under the Son would glorify God and motivate more people to be part of God’s mission around the world. Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones pray for their preparations for Summer School. Pray that people would gain a deeper understanding of God’s work in North Australia and the many struggles experienced by Aboriginal Christians. Chris & Karen Webb pray for God’s wisdom as they seek to minister more effectively to men struggling with alcohol addiction. Matthew & Lisa Pearson pray that Aboriginal church leaders in the Northern Territory would have opportunities to clearly share the gospel with their families.

Thursday 28 – Vanuatu, Fiji & Papua New Guinea

Joel & Tiffanie Atwood pray for the new national governing board as they begin their ministry of oversight of tertiary ministry in Vanuatu. Tony & Susie Wright pray that they finish up well in Suva. Pray for energy and good health as they say goodbyes, wrap up ministries, and pack and sell their things. Keith & Marion Birchley give thanks for encouraging times on deputation and pray for great fellowship with their extended family. Pray for safety for PNG students going on a mission trip across open ocean in small boats.

Friday 29 – CMS Branches

NSW & ACT: Pray that God would give Richard Chin, Stefan Gustavsson and Peter Orr good health, wisdom and strength as they prepare for and speak at Summer School. Pray that branch staff would support and care for the speakers well. QNNSW: Pray for God’s wisdom and trust in his timing as the branch seeks a General Secretary and prepares for Summer School. SANT: Give thanks for the wonderful service throughout 2017 of the faithful volunteers who help with mailings, events and other roles. Pray for wisdom and energy for the conference volunteer team as they faithfully prepare for Summer Encounter. TAS: Pray that many would register to come to SummerView, for final preparations for the inaugural stand-alone youth conference, and for the great blessing of having Peter Rodgers, David Williams, David & Prue Boyd and S at SummerView. VIC: Pray for preparations for Summer Under the Son and that God would guide the branch during a busy time of the year. WA: Pray for the final preparations for Summer School and that many supporters would come along and be encouraged by God’s word and mission. Former Missionaries’ Fellowship: Thank God for the 19 years that Ruth Judd (Nepal 1962–98) led Medical Mission Aid and praise God for the new president and secretary. Praise God with Bruce & Bron Hallyburton (Chile 1979–2012) for the wedding of their daughter, Catherine, to Nathan Ellis on 19 December.

Saturday 30 – CMS Fellowship

Give thanks with CMS WA for the many faithful people who pray, care and give in support of world mission. Pray that Summer Conferences throughout Australia would be a great time of fellowship and rejoicing at the work God is doing. Pray that people would be challenged to go and tell the gospel to all nations.

Sunday 31 – World Mission

Give thanks for another year of God’s mission and for the many people around the world who heard the gospel and accepted Christ’s sacrifice for them in 2017. Pray that they would continue firmly in the faith, growing in spiritual maturity and discipling others in their turn. Pray that many more would hear the good news and be saved in the coming year.


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