Profile : Vietnam

Region: South East Asia
Capital: Hanoi
Population: 90 million
Area: 325,360 sq km
GDP per capita: $1755.00
Religions: Buddhist 9.3%, Catholic 6.7%, Hoa Hao 1.5%, Cao Dai 1.1%, Christian 0.5%, Muslim 0.1%, none 80.8%
Languages: Vietnamese, French, English


Vietnam has a long and rich history. Occupied for a thousand years by the Chinese and then the French in the 19th and 20th centuries, Vietnamese communist forces under Ho Chi Minh defeated French rule in 1954. Under the Geneva Accords, Vietnam was then divided into Communist North and Anti-Communist South.

Following the Vietnam war, in which the US played a key role, Vietnam experienced little economic growth, growing international isolation, conservative leadership and a mass exodus of mostly South Vietnamese people.

Following free market reforms implemented in 1986 Vietnam has experienced rapid growth in agricultural and industrial production, construction and housing, exports and foreign investment.


Category Opportunity Category Duration
Bible and Theology Bible Teaching - Vietnam Evangelism and Church Planting Long Term


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